Does blonde go brunettes? Master class by Irina Shayk and Kai Gerber

If you want to drastically change the image, but you can not decide, it is quite possible that you will be inspired (or, on the contrary, stopped) by the example of models - Irina Shayk and Kai Gerber (for those who did not know or forgot, 14-year-old daughter Cindy Crawford). On the eve of the brunette girls quarreled among themselves subscribers to their pages in Instagram, laying out pictures of the tape with a new hair color - and under the new we mean an active blond! We do not even know if the followers would argue for a long time whether Irina and Kay are going to color or not, if they did not admit that they went to an experiment solely for the sake of a photo shoot for Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. In other words - wigs are in front of us.

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