Lolka Doll

Doll Lolochka
The other day, leafing through a magazine with master classes, I came across an article about sewing an interesting baby doll. He looked almost like a natural. I had an idea to take on his work, but at the same time to modify his image for a puppet. To sew a toy like this, we use an extensible cloth of flesh color in the size of 13-17 centimeters, scissors, inner filler - holofayber, threads in the color of the fabric, needle and detail of the decor.
needle and decoration details I haven’t been able to find suitable material for a toy for a very long time, so I sewed it not from knitwear, but from my daughter’s old winter tights. The material in tights is also skin-colored, perfectly stretches and fills well. 1. On one of the sides of our prepared material, draw the legs with the marker, cut with the scissors along the contour and sew.  draw the marker with the marker
cut with scissors and sew 2.Next, turn out our blank on the front side and fill it with a holofiber.
 fill with holofiber
3. Then we sew the remaining hole with a small seam, but we do not fully tighten the thread. You need to leave a small armhole for fixing the hair.
 fastening hairstyles
4. Between the legs of the filled blank, we make a small line (where the black thread lies), thereby we extend the doll legs.
 we extend the doll legs
5. We form the head of the doll, dragging it with a string in a certain place.
 defined location
6. Now begins the most difficult. We turn the pupa with the front side and make it a contraction at chest level (these are future doll handles). 7. We fasten the thread and sew according to the scheme shown in the photos.
 We fasten the thread and sew according to the pattern
 Fasten the thread and sew along to the scheme
 We fasten the thread and sew it according to the scheme
8. In the same way, flashing the second handle, nothing complicated, the main thing is to understand the scheme.
 understand the scheme
9. Then, without tearing the thread, we draw it between the legs and sew strictly along the points.
 sew strictly on points
 sew strictly on points
 we sew strictly on points
10. Now we draw the thread at the knee level and make four folds on the legs, since real pupsies also have many folds. For convenience, I marked the folds of the legs with sewing pins.
 legs with sewing pins
Now on the right side we place the thread on the top and make a puncture on the marked points, then we tie down and fixate.
we fasten and fasten
This way we can sew the second leg,as in the photo.  sew the second leg
11. Now separate the feet from the legs, marking the points with needles with ears and stitching. On request, you can flash each finger.
 marking the points
12. We are sewing a knee doll.  Stitching a knee doll  Stitching a knee doll 13. In the remaining hole on the head, we insert knitting threads. 14. In order for our doll's cheeks to be pink, you need to jerk a crimson pencil with a knife. Now we collect the shaving brush and apply it to the cheeks of the pupa. -malinovyy-karandash.jpg "alt =" crimson pencil "title =" crimson pencil ">  we collect the shaving
put it on the pupa's cheeks
15. Glue the doll running eyes,sew the mouth and decorate at its discretion.
 sew the mouth and decorate
 Doll Lolochka
Useful tips:
1. The dimensions of the fabric closely depend on the size of the desired toy. The greater the measure of matter, the greater the product. 2. Be sure to sew the toy in two threads, because with a strong screed monophonic thread will constantly break. 3. If possible, thread a long thread into the needle, since during the work, you will have to make a sufficiently large number of stitches. 4. Do not cut the thread after fixing, but go straight to the next item of the plan by pulling the thread inside the body of the toy.

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