Repairing doors using PVC panels

PVC decorative panels have appeared on the market recently, but have already managed to win the love of the people. They have many advantages: • they are easy to work (they are easy and quick to install); • when joining two panels, a seam is not visible; • • sufficiently resistant to water, which allows them to be used in the bathroom ; • flame-resistant (possess the property of self-damping before reaching a temperature of + 391 ° C); • do not require careful maintenance. Another big advantage is their versatility. Decorative panels will decorate any room: a kitchen or bathroom, walls in the hallway or a door in the room - every client will be satisfied. Decorative mosaic PVC panels, decorative sheet wood panels or wood panels can be used with a budget repair option. If we consider a decorative mosaic PVC panel, then using a variety of color options and combinations, it can be used to make the interior interesting and save time.Such panels are an excellent replacement for wallpaper and tile, which is much more expensive at a cost. For those who love comfort and believes that it is the tree that embodies warmth and comfort, they produce panels “under the tree”. In such rooms you can safely put a fireplace and panels will complement it well. Sheet decorative panels are environmentally friendly and safe, they do not attract dirt and dust to themselves, and thanks to a snug fit to the surface, nothing will penetrate inside. There are no dents and scratches left on laminated plastic panels, so they can be safely used to finish the doors. What materials are needed to make a presentable wooden door: • mosaic PVC decorative panel with 485 sheet sizes x 960 mm; • scissors; • polymer glue. Before pasting the door with panels, you must perform a series of preparatory work. Since we will not glue the ends of the door with panels, we will free them from excess paint, clean it with sandpaper and paint it in the desired color. If you want the ends to not differ in color from the plastic cloth, select the appropriate color of paint in a specialized store.We decided to paint the ends of the door with white paint, the same as the door frame and the slopes. Our door is not solid, but with “windows”, so that plastic sheets stick to the main door leaf, you need to measure them correctly. We have 6 “windows”, therefore, there will be 6 sheets of plastic, although the size of PVC panels allows 4 sheets to be used, but only if the door is solid. We will grease the door along the contour with glue for better adhesion to PVC panels, therefore, we first outline the location each panel, and then grease the door with glue. Panels are easily cut with scissors.
 Panels are easily cut with scissors
After we cut off canvas of the right size, with back we grease each sheet with glue, then apply it to the door and press it along the contour.
 lubricate with glue
apply to the door and press
To fix sheets, you can use masking tape. After the second panel is glued, we will fix them on the sides with masking tape.above and among themselves.  we fix with paint tape
paste the following PVC panels
When the door is pasted with PVC panels on one side, cut out the hole under the handle with the knife and insert the inside of the lock with a knife.
cut a hole for the handle
Pasting over the door on the other side and only then install the handle.
set the door handle
After 4-5 hours, masking tape can be removed. This is how the finished door looks.
 Door repair using PVC panels
Repair the door using PVC panels
The whole process of repairing the door took no more than 2 hours.

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