Paint a portrait with acrylic paints

Learn to draw a portrait with a photo better in black and white. Print the photo in black and white, it is desirable to print a photo of the size that you plan to do the drawing, but this is not necessary. After you have printed out the photo, draw it into equal squares measuring 3X3 cm, try to draw with even parallel lines! Use the ruler. Then draw a sheet of paper or cardboard into squares of the same size, if you want to draw a portrait of the same size as the original photo. If your format is larger (as in the photo), then draw a sheet into squares of a larger size, for example 4x4 cm, but the number of squares must match. Next, number all the squares in the photo and on a blank sheet in the same order. (to the first photo) We start to make a pencil sketch, here you will start using squares, do not try to redraw the whole picture in general.Look at each square as a separate image and copy the main lines, the numbers will help you navigate the drawing.
Draw portrait
It is best to work on a vertical inclined plane, such as an easel, but if there is no such possibility, you can also on a horizontal one, then try from time to time moving away from the drawing and looking at it from afar, it’s easier to see perspective errors. At the drawing stage, you do not need to draw small details, pay attention to the main components of the drawing and copy them as accurately as possible. Use medium hard pencil HB or 2HB. Try not to stain the paper with numerous erasures of the pencil, then the paint will lie flat. (to the second photo) We proceed to work with paints. To work with acrylic does not need a lot of water, it is needed, in the same amount as when working with gouache. Prepare brushes of different sizes, the wider the choice, the better, but even 2-3 brushes are enough. First, mark for yourself the darkest places and the lightest areas, paint them as shown in the picture.Next, begin to soften the transition from white to black.
Draw portrait
(to 3 photos) Carefully follow the hue change on the photo and complement it, then work through your lips, eyes and nose with the help of small brushes. Be patient, not to start, do not draw more than an hour without a break. If you made a mistake and did not make the right stroke, then wait until the paint is completely dry and apply the desired layer to the top, acrylic covers the previous tone well, even dark. When drying acrylic remains the same color as in the imposition, it does not tarnish like gouache, keep this in mind when applying tone. Do not overdo it with water otherwise the picture will "flow". Acrylic is washed off with water, but not very well, so try not to get too dirty.
Draw portrait
The main thing when writing a portrait is to show the person's emotions, so you can omit some minor details, but pay attention to the expression of the eyes, lips, nose, general proportions. Do not worry, if the first time something does not work, practice and succeed.
 Draw a portrait

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