Dream of a bus

What does it mean to see a bus in a dream? Such a vehicle is a symbol of our everyday reality. If you see yourself as a passenger, then in life you are content with second roles. Get out of transport - to change the fate for the better. Why dream of a bus, they say famous collections of interpretations of dreams.

Esoteric dream book

Go to the transport and wait for departure - to change the weather. If the car is still moving, such changes will please you. The feeling of discomfort or motion sickness - to disrupt plans due to bad weather. See yourself as a driver? So, in reality you will meet a person close to you in your interests.

Dream Miller

He tells you what the dream is to go on the bus. Such a dream means that you will have to give up hopes for success in your intended business. And if the transport is full, it will be the fault of competitors. Have you seen the wrong route? You are going the wrong way in life. Maybe you should analyze what is the cause of bad luck and failure?

Autumn dream

Being in the center of a crowded bus at rush hour clearly foreshadows a campaign for a mass event, such as a rally.

Intimate dream

If you’ve waited for the whole dream at the bus stop, then your life lacks sex and passion. You need to find a soul mate. Getting into a bus in a dream can be an indication that in reality you are living or meeting a person who you don’t subconsciously consider yours.

Summer dream

Going to work in the bus predicts a change in the type of activity or career.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

If an empty bus appeared at night, the day would be boring, useless talk with uninteresting people.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

He interprets why a bus with people dreams, so: wait for a triumph in business or unforgettable meetings. Broken vehicles foreshadow problems because of your limited beliefs. Bus station with a large number of cars - for a long trip or travel.

Dream interpretation Maria Fedorovskoy

You saw yourself in a dream in the driver's seat? So, it is necessary to take responsibility for the welfare of the family. If someone from relatives and acquaintances are driving, then he will make fateful decisions for the family.Did you see you got hit by a bus? This foreshadows dramatic changes in fate for the most unexpected reasons. And the dream of another downed person - to new members in your family.

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