"Eastereggs" - egg shell mosaic

mosaic from egg shells
Easter is a holiday of peace and kindness, on this wonderful holiday I want to congratulate loved ones and people close to us, this will help us a gift made with your own hands. You can fold the Easter mosaic yourself or involve children in this entertaining process. So, let's get started. For the master class we need: - eggshell; - acrylic paints or paint for eggs; - white and gold contour; - PVA glue;- cardboard. 1. Clean the white eggshell raw eggshell, then wash the shells in soda solution.
 peel the shell
2. Prepared eggshells are painted with acrylic paints or special dyes for eggs. For this master class we will need a shell of yellow, pink, blue, green,purple and gold colors.
 paint eggshell
3. Primed cardboard sheet with a special primer or white acrylic paint. We make a sketch, and at the same time we don’t strongly press on the pencil so that it is easy to erase unnecessary lines.
 Sheet of cardboard primed
4. When the sketch is smooth, you can confidently draw the contours by clicking on the pencil. Let's paint the eggs in detail, put a pattern in the form of zigzags and stripes on them.
 the sketch will be smooth
5. Pink eggshell crumbled into small pieces.
 cut into small pieces
6. On that part of the picture, where there will be a pink color, with the help of PVA glue we start spreading the pink shell in random order, but close to each other. we begin to spread the pink shell
7. The next step is to lay out the yellow shell.
 lay out the shell of yellow color
8.Then the shell is blue.
 lay mosaic on eggs
9. The shell of green color is completed by spreading the mosaic on the eggs.
 lay mosaic on eggs
10. Now we start to lay out the stand under the egg with a lilac shell, while in the central part we spread the rose with a shell of golden color. lay out the mosaic on the eggs 11 . The final stage will be drawing a white outline of the transition place of colors.  lay mosaic on eggs 12. If desired, we set the outline of the gold color on some strips.
 lay mosaic on eggs
13. This composition can be left on a sheet of cardboard by drawing the background in green, and can be cut. Our Easter mosaic is ready, it can be used as a greeting card or as a separate composition.We wish you creative success!
 egg shell mosaic
 egg shell mosaic
mosaic of eggshell

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