Elegant female image: how to choose a blouse on the figure?

Choosing a new blouse, you should take into account the peculiarities of your figure, then you will look in a new dress extremely attractive and feel at the same time very comfortable. How to choose the perfect option? Find out about it right now.

Style and Grace

  1. If you have narrow shoulders and wide hips (the type of figure is a triangle), choose models that give the body extra density. A great option - blouses with shoulder pads. Also, you will look wonderful in a blouse with voluminous sleeves. They can be in the form of lanterns, bells or be single cut. Wear light-colored blouses and try to combine them with skirts and dark-colored blouses. Then the image will be harmonious, and the silhouette - captivating.
  2. Women with wide shoulders and narrow hips (inverted triangle) look luxurious in blouses with a deep triangular neckline, which visually makes the upper part of the body more fragile and refined. Pay attention also to the models with vertical stripes on the fabric.Colors that will help to give elegance to the figure should be cold: green, burgundy, blue.
  3. If you are upset by the lack of pleasant roundness and wide waist (rectangle), take a look at the blouses with the decor in the chest: lace, ruffles, frills. This will help make the silhouette graceful and elegant. Wear a blouse with a high elastic at the waist, such clothes will give the figure a luxurious outlines of an hourglass.

It is also worth mentioning the fourth type of female figure - the letter X. These young ladies have about the width of the shoulders about the hips, and the waist is very thin and elegant. Such a figure does not require any adjustment. If you are lucky to have a body with perfect proportions, feel free to wear any garment, you will look amazing in any clothes.

Choosing a new blouse, do not forget about the quality of the product. Make sure that the item is sewn neatly, the fabric is durable and pleasant to the body, the threads are strong and the seams are even. Then the purchase will bring you real pleasure, and you will be able to create new luxurious and charming images.

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