Elizabeth II complained that the crown could break the neck

It’s hard to be a queen - literally, not figuratively. In the BBC documentary, Queen Elizabeth II complained that driving in golden carriages was completely unbearable (“you jump up and down”), and the crown is an attribute of power, the most important accessory and the envy of everyone around you weighs 1.3 kilograms and gives the owner a lot of inconvenience . Where does this weight come from? The crown is lavishly decorated with pearls, sapphires, emeralds, rubies (there are 2868 diamonds alone!). “With this crown on your head you will not even be able to look down to read the text of the speech,” complained the queen. - We'll have to raise the sheet to eye level. After all, it is necessary to lower the head, the neck will simply break, and the crown will fall. ”

Publication by Queen Elizabeth II (@queen_elizabeth_fanpage)Jan 11, 2018 at 6:33 pst

It's scary, is not it? Maybe it is for this reason that Queen Elizabeth II is not often seen in the crown? For the first time she tried on her coronation in 1953 and since then she donned only on the annual opening of the Parliament, and the rest of the time she wears colored hats.But the future princess Megan Markle, the severity of royal attributes, on the contrary, does not frighten at all. She is already asleep and sees how she tries on tiaras from a private collection. The tabloids discovered that many years ago, long before they met Prince Harry, Megan had a special passion for royal jewelry. A school photo was found in which Megan poses in tiara, imagining himself a real princess. Well, quite a bit remains until the realization of her dream: the royal wedding is already in May!

Megan Markle in his school years

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