Embroidery, who is keen on?

Girls, I love to embroider, let's share and discuss our favorite activity))) I adore a cross with a cross soothes, but I also think about embroidery machine, in the subway you don’t take it with you, but it turns out beautifully))) How are you?


Yeah hands like on a typewriter, never get to embroider. For a long time I decided to buy an embroidery machine, I was afraid that I could not master it, but somehow I went to the Mir Sewing shop, they told me everything, showed it was not all difficult, plus the embroidery machine also has sewing operations, so that podkopila money and took. I'm extremely happy, now I can make an exclusive out of any boring clothes.

I went to them for free sewing courses, and there it’s clear all the girls who are fascinating, I learned a lot about the embroidery machine from them. I enter the site of the store, I think, maybe I can really buy it, I just saw the most interesting results.

I am not a fan of cross-stitch embroidery, and machine is an inanimate embroidery, in my opinion. But sometimes I indulge in satin, at my leisure. Now there is really little free time. In general, I love to embroider animals.It smooth surface conveys all modulations of color.

I mainly tried to cross the stitch, only last fall I tried to please my friend who has everything very much. A friend has a favorite lambrador, so she bought a pano in the sewing world and embroidered it, of course the dog is not hers, but she looks terribly like she was delighted. My grandmother embroidered very beautifully with her, there were still her works, the colors of hers really shimmered.

Embroidered with a cross, now abandoned. Although the set for embroidery tiger is still waiting in the wings.

I wish to make and have fun)))

In the childhood embroidered, taught Grandma, now there is no time.

a guest18.04.18 09:58

Vera, I agree with you about the satin stitch, everything is very beautiful! I never tried the machine one and, to be honest, for the first time I heard it. What is it like?(

A lot of embroidery in Leonardo still, but there you have to dig decently into all stands until you find what you need)))

This is generally very cool, a bunch of programs and a picture with an automatic machine for embroidery machines, there is additional software. Well, like you want to embroider a tiger, you find a tiger, you want the name Anya in Russian letters, please, you want English too.Well, I haven’t bought it at all yet, I read about them, in the sewing world all models are described in great detail, but clearly I want to darling ... so that ....

If you are fond of embroidery, then I think you will also like my favorite activity, I just love decoupage very much and I strongly advise you to try it, I think you will be interested in this and will be useful for expanding skills, here you can lookhttp://www.tairtd.ru/- and there are a lot of informative master classes there, I think that you should like it, and then tell me how you like it)

Yes, I tried decoupage, it's not mine ... and I don’t really know where to put things from him ... But thanks for the advice)))

a guest14.06.18 23:27

Yes, interesting classes, but by choice and price, I still prefer the world of sewing and delivery for me is very convenient.

I used to have a cheap Chinese machine, it worked well, but it only lasted for two weeks. After the first thick fabric, broke. Now, therefore, I am looking for a normal and reliable machine that will not fail. I look from the range on the websitehttps://www.sodbik.ru/catalog/shveynye-mashiny/, can anyone advise what? There are a lot of models

We're kind of embroidery))) And the machines, I don’t know,I was not too lazy to go to the store on which the link was dropped, but they don’t even have a discount for renting my old typewriter and service center, too, I’m more oriented to the sewing world somehow.

Oh, I love to knit more, although I embroider too. Knitting and embroidery develops the motility of the fingers, and leads to thought in order, and calms the nerves. Of course in our city it is difficult to find a good yarn, but it’s good that there are online storeshttps://www.lelekahobby.ru/catalog/9254/- always help out!

My grandmother knitted well, I somehow do not really know how, although knitted things are very beautiful!

I love to embroider especially beads.

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