Extreme vacation: how much is a tour to Everest and the Amazon jungle

Those who have already visited the traditional places of rest, often decide on the difficult options for tours. And some of them can be life-threatening.

We learned the cost of tours to places where you most likely have not been.

North Pole (Arctic)

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Today, not only severe polar explorers can go to the North Pole on a real icebreaker, but also ordinary tourists. True, it should be very wealthy tourists: the cost of the trip - from 29 thousand dollars. Yes, and you need to reserve a place for a year and a half, otherwise you risk not getting lucky: the capacity of an icebreaker is up to a hundred passengers, for a season (tours only in summer) there are no more than five trips.

But while traveling you will see polar bears and walruses with your own eyes, be able to explore historical places on Franz Josef Land, admire icebergs and have a barbecue on the northernmost point of the planet.

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For an additional fee, you can still rise above the pole in a balloon or helicopter. The icebreaker “Yamal”, or “50 Years of Victory”, departs from Murmansk, the duration of the tour is two weeks.

Price: from $ 29,000 to $ 45,000per person depending on cabin class.


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Do not want the North Pole? Go to the South! By the way, it will cost less. The start of the route is in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Duration of the tour - 11 days. During the trip you will pass from Ushuaia (Argentina) to the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. See penguins, whales and seals. You will be able to admire huge glaciers and icebergs. The most fearless will even be able to ride on the board or kayak on the open water.

Price: from $ 7,000 to $ 17,000.

Chernobyl, Pripyat

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The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986 turned the beautiful town of Pripyat into a ghost town. Life has stopped, as in the tale of the sleeping beauty. But everything is far from being so romantic: buildings and things are destroyed, many are completely overgrown with grass. Views in both thrillers and horror movies. In addition, although tourists are taken along certain routes, there is a chance of getting a serious dose of radiation. By the way, organizing excursions to Pripyat began almost immediately after the disaster.But they have become especially popular in the last few years. Departure of buses - from Kiev, from which to Pripyat about 150 km.

Price: from $ 29 per person.

North Korea

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For Russians, there are tours with a departure from Vladivostok or Khabarovsk. Please note that foreigners may not visit all areas of the country. The north, for example, is closed to the public. But in general, the trip will appeal to those who are nostalgic for the times of the USSR or who dream of finding out how people live in a communist state. In Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, you will not see billboards, there are no traffic jams here - not every resident of the country can afford a car. There are few hotels, their level is low, however, living conditions are better for visitors than for local ones: in ordinary homes, for example, only cold water flows.

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The guests are shown a large-scale sculptural ensemble on Mansu Hill, erected in honor of Kim Il Sung: 229 monuments were located on the territory of 240 thousand square meters. m. Demonstrate all sorts of achievements of science and technology, as well as the wonders of nature. But to communicate with ordinary Koreans is prohibited. Photograph them too.

Price: from 50 000 rubles.


Jake Gyllenhaal played the conqueror of Everest
Photo: a shot from the film "Everest"

Rise to the summit of Everest - the highest point of the Earth - many people dream. Those who decided to take such a step are much smaller. To conquer a mountain height of 8848 meters, it is not necessary to be an experienced climber, although this skill is welcome. What is more important is how you transfer the differences in altitude, temperature (the difference between night and day can be up to 100 degrees Celsius), as well as thin air. The best time to climb is May and September. The sticking point for many is not the physical form, but the financial question: they will have to pay for everything, including lifting permission from the authorities of China or Nepal, rent of oxygen cylinders and railings, and work of porters.

Price: from $ 40,000 per person for group climbing, from $ 60,000 - for a single.

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