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Face lift

Good afternoon. Please tell me whether it is possible to make a facelift. And how much it costs. Thank you


Hello, you need to decide for yourself in choosing a doctor, the doctor will visit you for a consultation and will offer you a more suitable option for your operation, since all individuals are individual. Smash lifting or trestle face lift, you may need blepharoplasty and so on. Discuss the plan for the rejuvenation of your face together with the doctor. If you are satisfied with the doctor, the price for the services of the Clinic, to which you turned, then you will decide on the date of surgery and preparation of tests. In each clinic, work with the patient is conducted individually. For example, I perform operations under local anesthesia. The healing process is 7-10 days depending on the chosen procedure. Such operations are less traumatic than circular facelift under general anesthesia.

a guest25.07.17 18:15

It depends on which city, prices are different everywhere ...

In Moscow is very expensive.

IMHO, but the surgeons are more experienced when compared with the regions, and the equipment of the clinics is much better.

Well, it will not be cheap, at Blokhin prices are not small for the operation, but the result is worth it, as for me. Moreover, plastic is not done for one day, well, of course, everyone decides for himself, but as for me, I still have more confidence in surgeons who are more experienced.

Maybe expensive, but justified. Although it is expensive for you ... Mom did the brace on Levon Chakhoyan, the author's technique for him is full face rejuvenation. Her contour was made clear, bags under her eyes were removed and her cheeks were “worn out” :) It turned out 20 thousand, but there are always stocks there. You can come and try one thing for yourself, for example, now there is an action to eliminate bags by the floor with eyes -20% =)

Of course you can, if there are no contraindications, look for a good surgeon, go to the reception, and to several different doctors. In MSC expensive, of course, it is possible to find pros on the periphery for a smaller amount

But they will make it normal for the face to remain alive and natural. It may be cheaper in the periphery, but far from being better and more beautiful. Of course, Professor Blokhin has been operating for a thousand years and the operation will be expensive. But you can sign up for his students, there will be confidence that they will do it normally.

I probably never dare, although it is too early for me to think about it)))

Depends on the surgeon and his experience. What kind of suspender do you want? There are several types and even techniques for facelift. Look at the results of Prof. Blokhin's face lift. In general, blepharoplasty has the largest anti-aging effect.

Radically reshaping the face and doing a circle under general anesthesia, it is necessary when all non-invasive methods have been used, now there is a hardware cosmetology that gives a good result on bryl and ptosis, after birth the face has drastically lost weight, has lost elasticity and oval has swum, cheeks are gone - apples , before NG went to the hardware Rf-lifting device inhttps://estrella-salon.ru/, after the first procedure, the effect was insignificant, but in general tone and complexion the result was immediately, by the way., but after the 5th session, the face really pulled itself up and the cheeks fullness appeared, the effect is still holding, in April for a more stable result beautician advised to repeat.

a guest13.02.18 11:56

Good afternoon, plastic surgery, the choice of each independent. You can be determined only by going to the in-person consultation with the doctors themselves, the choice will be from surgery to cosmetology (hardware, injection), and the prices in each institution are different.

a guest14.02.18 19:19

As for me a very abstract question, I honestly can’t imagine how you can make a nose or face plastic under local anesthesia. I probably would not have dared, watch the video reviews of Professor Blokhin's patients, you can find a lot on YouTube, I like that they are in very good quality and you can see everything in detail.

Do you want plastic surgery or are you considering other options for rejuvenation? The fact is that it is possible to lift a face without surgery with the help of mesoniths in the EMC clinic.http://www.emc-beauty.ru/cosmetology/mesonitiThis is a virtually painless procedure and the effect lasts for quite a long time, and the result is visible almost immediately. Within a week, no one will say that you did any manipulations with the skin.

a guest06.03.18 15:23

I would also like to tighten the oval of the face, they take their years ... I do exercises and masks for now, and then decide on plastic.

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