Fashionable and stylish bangs (23 photos)

Fashion bangs in 2013 will drive many men crazy. Every girl should change her hairstyle at least three times a year. This is easiest to do by experimenting with our bangs. Among the huge number of options, it is important to find a bang with which you will look great.

Bangs - this is not just part of the hair, it is an important link in the construction of your image. With its help, you can give yourself a mystery, and even become younger. Therefore, you must definitely move away from the classics and experiment.

If you choose the right model bangs, then you get the perfect tool to change the image. Every day you will be able to lay bangs in different ways, because of which your appearance will change.

What are the?

Any hairdresser can invent a new style of bangs. This is due to the fact that each client is an individual character, whose hair is of special quality. Someone they are heavy, others have sparse hair. An important role in the perception of hair plays color.Therefore, the master can only offer an example, but in the end it’s not a fact that you will get an absolute match with the picture. After all, the hairdresser will cut the bangs, starting from your face, shape and hair condition.


For those who have little idea what a long fringe is, we explain that it is a strand of hair that ends at the level of the ears or even lower. Most of all long "loved" by the representatives of the emo - flow. Such a bang looks original, but you should not consider it a sign of not formality. A long bang can make a woman more sexy and gentle.

Moreover, due to the fact that such a fringe closes his eyes, an aura of mystery appears around the woman. And the secrets, as you know, like to guess many guys. Long - perfectly combined with a bob haircut.


Most often, this style of bangs is used as an additional element in a short haircut. A short bang can be made and wearing long hair, but it must be understood that this will make your image a little childish and naive.

On the other hand, this way you can throw yourself a couple of years.The main thing is that the short haircut should be chosen perfectly, otherwise you may look ridiculous. In 2013, not just a short bang will be relevant, but a connection of short length and asymmetry.


Torn is necessary in order to make the face longer, so this is an excellent option for chubby ladies. With the help of this bang you can perfectly dilute classic haircuts, making them very relevant and modern.

Heavy, straight and thick

In the coming year, girls should definitely look at the thick. Her indisputable trump card in front of all other styles is that she highlights the face. Heavy bangs will be the perfect option for women with high forehead. The most advantageous straight will look on straight hair. It should be either slightly higher than the eyebrows or even cover them.


It will again be very popular. Oblique bangs do not have to be long. Its main task is to refresh your face. Not only young girls, but also ladies of more advanced age can afford it.

Rounded 70s

Retro style is rapidly breaking into our gray days.A rounded fringe will give you femininity and innocence. For such a bang is not difficult to care for, but it looks unusual. If straight bangs have become a bit boring to everyone, then the popularity of a rounded one is only increasing.


In order to make your image more shocking and memorable, you can use an uncomplicated way. It is enough just to paint the bangs in some interesting color. You can use several colors to paint the bangs. Thus, you can win the honorary title of "style icon".

How to choose the right model?

It is important that in the end result you get a harmonious picture. For too short a haircut, the ideal option will be a short chelochka. For long hair is the same long.

For owners of small faces do not need to use long, braids bangs. They will only hide your beauty. It is better to try to open your face as much as possible.

In the salon the master will help you pick up a bang. And you can use the trial and error method. After all, changes in most cases are for the better.

Having made yourself a bright, noticeable bang, remember that you need to take care of it.Her casual look will spoil all your looks. By the way, do not think that asymmetric and torn do not need to be stacked.

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