Fashionable clothes winter 2013-2014 - 36 photos for girls and women

Fashionable clothes winter of 2013-2014

Fashionable clothes winter of 2013-2014

It is no secret that every new season fashionistas are ready to keep track of the latest trends and analyze the shows of the new collections of famous fashion designers of the world. Sometimes, it is not as easy to do as it seems, because fashion is too transient.


In this article we will help you deal with the fashion trends of the winter of 2013-2014 at times faster, which will allow you to choose a wardrobe that will allow you to be on the crest of fashion.


Generally speaking, the coming season will be characterized by the British conservative classics and high style.


However, to the delight of fashionable experimenters, interesting and shocking models of clothing were also quite widely represented at the shows of new collections of world-famous designers of the world.


The main trends of the autumn-winter 2013-2014 season will be a comfortable, concise and fairly simple cut, fabrics of various textures and warm, pastel colors.Unfortunately or joyfully, the bright hues remain last season.


Layering: the main fashion trend of the winter of 2013 2014


Last season, as you know, there were fashionable things that perfectly fit the figure. However, in the upcoming season, it is better to postpone them until better times and take note of such an interesting and incredibly stylish trend as multi-layering.


Its main idea is that in one image we combine several things, put on each other, creating the effect of "cabbage". And, of course, these things must somehow harmonize with each other. Stylists recommend combining things of different colors and even print, playing in contrasts. Mixing styles is also acceptable.


The effect of layering can create and specially stitched things with asymmetrical details of cut. For example, all fashionistas and fashionistas should pay attention to the new DKNY collection, in which an interesting short coat was presented, shortened almost to the waist from the front, and almost completely covering the back of the legs. This coat looks very interesting, however, carefully combine it with other things.


Photo: Fashionable prints for the season autumn-winter 2013-2014


Print has always been a worthy decoration of any clothing, even the simplest cut. In the new season, first of all, I would like to mention an animal print that will be trendy. Special attention should be paid to the leopard and zebra prints. They appeared on the shows of many new collections of world famous designers.


Fashionable clothes winter of 2013-2014


Fashionable clothes winter of 2013-2014


Fashionable clothes winter of 2013-2014


Fashionable clothes winter of 2013-2014


Fashionable clothes winter of 2013-2014


Such prints can instantly turn a modest woman into a passionate predator or a vamp woman. However, stylists do not advise putting on animal-colored things from head to foot, otherwise you will look ridiculous and vulgar. In addition to the leopard print, in the coming season will be popular and the brightness, which will extend to prints. Choose a geometry, abstraction, floral print - whatever you like, as long as it is bright!


Let's combine incompatible


A very interesting trend of the upcoming season will be a combination of seemingly incompatible things. First of all, it can be clothes of different styles. For example, razdolbaysky street and business or sports and casual. You can also safely combine the most difficult colors and prints. For example, animal print will be very interesting to look with geometric.


Also, it will be popular to combine clothes made from materials of different textures. Light silk or satin is easily compatible with knitted and knitted items, which look a bit cumbersome. The combination of several textures in one thing will also be relevant, as, for example, made by the designers of the Iceberg brand, who presented beautiful knitted dresses with fur sleeves and textile inserts to the fashionable public.

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