Fashionable fur vests 2017-2018 year

Sheepskin coat

Vests - sheepskin coats - the favorite model of not only many fashionistas, but also the fashion designers themselves in the 2017-2018 year.

Straight model with long or short nap

Long, or slightly elongated models visually pull the figure and retain heat perfectly.

Fitted model

This model will perfectly fit into the image with a skirt, jeans or tight pants.

Fur vest A-silhouette

This vest is suitable for work, walking around the city or parties.

Vest with an asymmetrical bottom

A stylish solution for the most adventurous girls.

Decorated fur vest

The decor of fur vests includes a variety of accessories, patch pockets, various inserts, various fasteners and zippers.

Vests to the floor

The advantage of vests in the floor is their versatility and the ability to wear on any occasion.


Winter is not a reason to stop wearing dresses!

Stylish classic

A classic fur vest is suitable for any type of figure.

Waistcoat - top

In the vest-top women represent an incredibly stylish and respectable.Such models are presented in the autumn-winter collection of fashion houses House of Holland and Laroom.

Fur Kimono

Fur vests that look like kimonos will complement the outfit in the winter season.

Fur vests in the style of boho chic

Patchwork, plenty of buttons, sloppy cut, fur edging and colored lining - boho is appropriate at any time of the year.

Materials for sewing

In the new season, models from mink, fox, polar fox, fox and artificial fur are popular.

Bright colors will add fervor and optimism in severe frosts.

The budget option is a faux fur vest.

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