Fashionable highlighting for dark hair


For hundreds of years, the beautiful half of humanity can not decide what color hairstyle is considered more attractive. Trying to find out the truth, women experiment on their appearance, coloring the curls in different tones of light or dark color. But fortunately, today there is another good way to create an amazing image by combining several shades of different colors at once - to be shadowed.

What is hair highlighting?

Each of the representatives of the fair sex wants to look beautiful regardless of the circumstances, whether she is going to a meeting or whether she has a working day ahead of her. You can maintain beauty with makeup and clothes, as well as at the expense of an elegant hairstyle, which can transform hair coloring, in particular, highlighting.

Highlighting is calleda peculiar way of dyeing curls. Depending on women's wishes, the purpose of such a procedure is different: giving volume, updating the image, lightening the strands with light brown or dark hair. Usually highlighting is done on dark or black curls, since the principle of such coloring is the clarification of individual strands. In other words, certain strands are chosen and colored to a lighter tone. This is done in order to show the contrast between the highlights and the main color. The color effect does not necessarily have to adhere to the natural range - blue, pink, blue, red strands on dark hair may well become the highlight of the modern image.

What is highlighting?Options for highlighting dark hair are varied and they are selected only at will. For example, if a dark-haired young lady does not want to drastically change the color of the hair, then dark highlighting will allow the usual hairstyle to look in a new way, without making significant changes to the image. Dark highlighting on blonde hair is a spectacular way to achieve diversity in appearance. Light highlighting on dark hair is a brighter and even bold variant: light strands on dark hair create an original contrast,and thanks to modern make-up technologies, it is even possible to get white strands on dark hair. Women and girls who want to change the image and transform without causing serious damage to the health of their hair, often choose this particular procedure of effective coloring.

Highlighting is a great way to change the appearance, to refresh the look, without exposing the hair to a full color.

Coloring individual strands on dark hair with a photo

Both highlighting on blond hair with dark strands, and the reverse version (bleached strands with natural dark) look naturally in combination with dark hair, and with a properly performed procedure, the hairstyle looks stylish and beautiful. In addition, fashionable highlighting of light strands in the face on dark hairmakes a woman younger, and his eyes more expressive. Blond hair with dark strands, almost black, will effectively look at the young girls who prefer bold, daring images.

A similar procedure came into vogue at the beginning of the last century, and to this day it is an original way to transform an image. Since its inception, the theme of such a coloring has become diversified.And today the following procedures are offered in salons and hairdressing salons: coloring, toning, balayazh and other types of highlighting.

But, despite the fact that every year the methods and varieties of this procedure become more and more, the traditional highlighting is still the most popular.brightening dark hair with light strands. Who is highlighting on dark hair? Yes, almost all brunettes! Technologies, high-quality paint, skillful hands of a makeup artist will create a variety of images - from classic to cutting-edge.

But if earlier highlighting on dark hair meant bleaching large strands of hair using strongly contrasting colors (large highlighting on dark hair), then today preference is given to soft transitions and highlighting by fine strands. And, naturally, in this case, warm, not very prominent, natural shades are selected.

coloring individual strands on dark hair photo

Dyed strands on dark hair

What colors are used for highlighting?

Usually, melioration is carried out on dark or black curls, whilestrands lighten only a few tones. But since fashion does not stand still, and the constant development of hairdressing makes it necessary to move forward, other highlighting colors have been used in this coloring technique. Dark meling on dark hair uses dark colors - there is no clarification, the structure of the hairline is not affected by the destructive effect of bleaching components, and melting with dark strands looks impressive. In other words, today there are no restrictions: strands can be painted in the most unusual shades, whether they are natural or unnatural tones. It is limited only by the taste and desire of the girl herself.

Classic highlighting is the color of individual strands of hair 2-3 tones lighter than the natural shade regardless of whether warm or cold tones are used.

Colors used for highlighting on dark hair

Owners of dark hair who wish to transform their hairstyle, can easily do this by highlighting. Highlighting for brunettes is available in several colors:

The lovers of natural shades are offered the following colors for the strands: walnut, caramel, chestnut, cognac, copper and others.
For those of the fair sex who prefer dark cold tones, suitable shades of bronze, blueberry or chocolate. Who goes to a light chocolate highlight for dark hair? Especially rich and noble is this option looks on the middle-aged ladies.
For owners of hair lengths below the shoulders, unusual highlighting in very original colors can be suggested, for example, red strands imitating a flame look spectacular on such hair.
Prefer contrast offer light shades, the opposite of the main color.
When choosing a color scheme, one should remember: highlighting on dark dyed hair will give a brighter color due to pre-bleaching of the strands - often such dyeing is performed using the cold highlighting technique (Ice Tint).

Sparkling on dark hair also does not exclude the flight of fantasy, creativity and innovative thinking, so you can find options for coloring curls in colors such as pink, blue, blue, green, purple and other bright and rich. Most often this option is chosen colorsbright personalities who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd,- you will agree, not every girl will dare to paint individual strands in blue on dark hair or on red locks on dark hair. But in such cases, stylists are advised to resort to temporary staining of the strands, because this kind of color may not always be appropriate. Dark hair with light strands is a more relaxed and durable version, not causing shock to conservative people around. Melirovanie on chocolate hair color, highlighting on chestnut locks and other melirovanie with dark strands and does differ the naturalness of the result - melted brunettes always look extremely effective. If you ask in advance how the highlights of the hair ends look on dark hair, you can try this option.

bleached hair color

Lightening strands on light brown hair

What to consider when performing highlighting on dark hair?

Highlights on dark short hair creates a visual effect of a voluminous hairstyle.
A special extravagance will be given to light-colored strands of the main dark color (dark chestnut or black), but in this case, one should always follow the symmetry of the clarified strands and their number.
The naturalness of dark blond curls will add freshness to hairstyles when combined with light-colored light brown strands.
For long hair, highlighting in a dark color should be done with thin strands so that the effect of volume does not appear much.
Long hair is more suitable staining hair strands are not too light tones.
Before performing the procedure, you need to pay attention to the condition of the hair, the degree of their damage.
Before dyeing, you need to consult a beautician, stylist or hairdresser - the streaked hair color for brunettes is able to both decorate a woman and emphasize unfavorable facial features.
Highlighting with black strands will look beneficial if the natural hair color is close to auburn or nutty.

Techniques for highlighting

Today, hair is streaked in different ways.The classical technique of highlightingIt is considered the use of foil plates or a special cap with slots. Another way that is also popular isglazing methodwhere the paint is applied to the hair with your fingers or a paint brush.There is also a highlighting method where only the ends of the hair are brightened, thus, the dark basic color smoothly changes into the clarified. It should be borne in mind that this technique is quite complex and can only be performed by a specially trained master.Selective highlighting of strandsallows you to color the strands not all over the head, but only in selected areas, for example, part of the bangs is subjected to coloring. Also worth highlighting the method of highlighting, which is called"Highlighting": in this case, the hair is stained all around the perimeter (the tips and the strands framing the face). Depending on the technique of highlighting, a wide variety of staining options are obtained.

Attention! Strands of dark hair before melirovaniem previously discolored, and then repainted in the desired shade.

thereforeit is important that the hair was healthy. It is better to prepare them for coloring in advance, making hair masks and other procedures in salons or at home several weeks before highlighting. These simple procedures will preserve the gloss and silky hair after dyeing.

Fashionable highlight for dark hair

In salons and hairdressing salons, dark-haired girls are offered various types of highlighting.

American way

Highlighting for dark hair in this case is performed with the use of bright and saturated tones. This is done to clearly distinguish the transition from colored strands to the main color. This highlighting is performed using foil strips.

French method

This view is performed by combining similar shades (dark and lighter shades). This style looks natural and besides, the hairstyle acquires a certain brilliance and a peculiar visual volume.

large highlights on dark hair

Bright highlighting on dark hair

Venetian highlighting

It is performed according to the technique of lightening the ends of hair. Stain using four or five matching shades. In this case, the paint is applied to the separated strands and dries in a natural way without the use of foil. And it is not scary that when staining the strands of the primary color are touched - this is how the contrast between the clarified and main strands decreases. The result is natural, as if the ends of the hair are burned out.

California highlights

Under this option refers to the staining of the strands along the entire length of the hair, where closer to the roots the shade is used is darker, and to the ends is light. Such staining strands involves the use of from three to six shades.This highlighting is performed by glazing, as the paint is applied thick.

Color highlighting for dark hair

Such bright highlighting on dark hair involves the use of different colors, it is recommended to use no more than three shades. Such unusual varieties of hair highlighting to bright personalities are approached; they are not afraid to experiment with their appearance and image: here we will refer to the blue marking, unusual varieties of pinking for brunettes, bright highlighting with purple and other extravagant coloring of hair strands. Gentle color highlights on dark hair will create a completely relaxed hairstyle.

Ombre hair color

This option is similar to the Venetian method of highlighting, but with this method, no more than two tones are used. Closer to the roots, the color remains natural, and towards the ends the shade becomes lighter. An important point: such staining of strands on dark hair eliminates clear boundaries between tones. A professional master will always advise you and various color solutions: for example, what happens with a pink tint, blue or purple.

Highlight "Salt and Pepper"

This unusual technique is also called black and white; it is performed by combining two technologies: dyeing thin strands in white and toning. Should I do toning after highlighting - a matter of taste. For young ladies, dyeing with white strands on dark hair is suitable, and for women in age there is a fear of creating a gray strand effect on dark hair, which is undesirable. However, if you still want something like that, but according to your passport is not 20 years old, it is recommended to try the white bleached ends of the strands on dark hair - originality will be added to the hairstyle and image of this coloring technique will definitely add.

Gentle highlighting

What is surface bleaching of hair? It is considered gentle and implies coloring only the upper hair layer. Strands are colored 2-3 tones lighter than the natural color. The paint for such equipment is selected without the content of ammonia with the moisturizing components present in the composition, the rest of the strands remain uncolored. This method is suitable for any type, even very sensitive to the chemistry of hair.The following photo shows what the highlights look like on dark hair:

coloring hair strands

Highlighted strands on dark hair

Rare and frequent highlighting

Depending on the location and saturation of the straightened strands, straightening may be frequent or rare.

Frequent highlightingdark hair is performed in cases where the strands are required to dye in natural shades. After all, otherwise the main color and shading can merge. Another frequent large highlighting of dark colored hair is recommended to use in cases where a brunette wants to dye her hair blonde, but with less harm to his body.Rare highlightsused in cases where the curls are painted in very light strands or bright shades - brightened strands on dark hair become a bright accent on the hairstyle. Highlighting on white hair with dark strands also uses this technique: natural light is used as the base, and dark tones are used as the base.

To blend or not: the positive and negative sides of the procedure

More recently, it was believed that any staining, including highlighting in a dark color, greatly harms the structure of the strands.But the technology does not stand still, moreover, sparing means are created for the chemical treatment of hair. At the same time, various firming shampoos and masks are created, which help to restore the hair after the coloring procedure. Therefore, today every dark-haired girl can easily and without fear change the image using highlighting without causing severe harm to the body.

Positive traits:

when highlighting, only a part of the strands is subjected to coloring, which means that most of them remain without dye treatment;
highlighting of dark hair well masks gray hair and gives the hairstyle a brilliant look;
for a long time, the unstained growing roots are invisible;
you can refresh the image without sudden changes;
bleached strands on dark hair create a visual effect of volume;
this method of staining does not require frequent correction, so the head is less likely to undergo treatment;
suitable for women of any age, with the right style can give a rejuvenation effect;
Some highlighting options are ideal for those who want to grow natural-colored strands.

chocolate highlights on dark hair

Easy melirovanie on dark hair

What are presentdisadvantages of this color:

spent on this method of staining a lot of time depending on the option chosen;
To produce such a coloring can only be a specially trained master, it is almost impossible to perform this procedure independently;
it is difficult to choose shades that are independently matched with each other;
dark-colored hair can only be shaded after at least one month after the procedure;
It should not be streaked after the procedure, where henna was used for dyeing, after perming, highlighting on bleached hair will give a more pronounced, juicy color;
colored strands on dark hair necessarily require improved care for the hair after this procedure.

Highlighting - the most suitable option for brunettes who want to lighten her hairstyle.

For those who have decided on the procedure of highlighting on dark hair, we should not forget that, in addition to the traditional straightening of the strands, there are also various dyeing techniques using the most unusual shades and methods of execution.


Thus, with the help of such coloring it is possible to transform and create an original and individual image. Of course, whether it is worth making highlights on dark hair - everyone decides for himself, but do not be afraid of changes, trust a reliable professional, and do not experiment on your own.

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