Faster, higher, stronger: 10 inspirational films about the will to win

By the beginning of the 2016 Olympics, we collected films about sporting achievements, motivation, overcoming ourselves, sporting excitement and the will to win.

"Strength of will"

Directed by Stephen Hopkins shot a story about legendary black athlete Jesse Owens (Stefan James). The athlete ends up at the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936, about which Leni Riefenstahl (played by Karis van Houten, Melisandre from “Game of Thrones”) shot her famous film “Olympia”. Owens is faced with a serious dilemma: to boycott a performance in Nazi Germany or to break everyone, showing that only the will to win is important in sports, not race and skin color.

«Legend № 17»

The film by Nikolai Lebedev with Danila Kozlovsky as the famous hockey player Valery Kharlamov and the impressive Oleg Menshikov as coach Anatoly Tarasov.

A young ambitious hockey player wants to play in a Moscow club, but the coach, as if thinking of something, sends him to the city of Chebarkul.Kharlamov trains wildly and, despite his difficult relationship with his coach, slowly but surely walks to the legendary victorious match of 1972, when the USSR national team defeated Canada with a score of 7: 3.

“Champions: Faster. Higher. Stronger"

The film by Artyom Ksenenko about three legends of the national sport: gymnast Svetlana Khorkina, swimmer Alexander Popov and wrestler Alexander Karelin, about their striving for a goal, will power, about defeat and victory. The picture is the ideal motivation for practicing any kind of sport, but the sport itself, meanwhile, does not idealize it ...


A picture of Eduard Bordukov about the yard team of male football players who didn’t share a football box with another group of players. To defend their place for sports, the guys, led by their leader Kostya, announce a football tournament. The loser will never come to the courtyard again ... The tape shows the usual unkempt yard and the whole dirty truth of life, but after watching it does not become hopelessly sad, but I want to go out and drive the ball.

"Invisible side"

Director John Lee Hancock shot a story about how a wealthy family took unhappy and very large black teen Michael to his home.With the support of a new family, Big Mike pulls up at school and becomes a star of American football. For her role in the film, Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for Best Actress. Her heroine has the will to win no less than that of her ward.


Jessica Bendinger tape about gymnast, tomboy and hooligan Hayley. Once the girl successfully played sports, but after losing the competition she became disillusioned with gymnastics. However, after breaking the law, she has to go to a closed gymnastic school and return to the hated shells.

"Baby in a million"

Clint Eastwood's film about two difficult people - old boxing trainer Frank (Eastwood) and the stubborn boxer Maggie (Hillary Swank). The girl by hook or by crook persuades the deceased to retire Frank to become her coach. He reluctantly agrees, but discovers the girl's punch of extraordinary strength and accuracy and other boxing talents.


Painting by David O. Russell about two boxer brothers. His older brother's boxing career (Christian Bale, won the Oscar), resting on his laurels, was interrupted due to addiction to drugs.Then he became the coach of Mickey's younger brother (Mark Wahlberg), always pulling him out of trouble.

"Karate Kid"

Harold Zwart's film with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith, a remake of the 1984 Karate Boy tape. Dre's boyfriend, along with his mother, comes from Detroit to Beijing and faces a gang of street teenagers. To learn how to fight properly, Dre becomes a disciple of the famous kungfuist. He teaches him the wisdom of science.


The film directed by Steve James, filmed in 1997, tells the story of Steve Prefontaine, the legendary American runner for medium and long distances, who died during a car accident at the age of 24. Steve Prefontaine - a guy who aspires to his goal, goes through disappointing defeats, but is going and is moving on. More precisely, runs.

The tragic star of world sports was played by young Jared Leto, for whom the game in Prefontein became one of the most significant first roles.

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