Favorite and most effective diets for women

Atkins diet

Atkins diet.

Wanting to lose weight, women are trying to choose for themselves the best diet, a list of which is very long today. In this case, there are several popular diets that are considered the most effective.


Atkins diet.



The year of birth of this diet is 1972. It was created in America by Dr. Atkins.


The essence of the diet.It consists of four phases - induction, the continuation of weight loss, the transition to weight conservation and weight conservation.


In the first phasethere is a decrease in carbohydrate intake to 20 grams per day. To this end, it is necessary to abandon the products in which there are easily digestible carbohydrates, for example, all flour, sweet, as well as dishes from cereals, starchy vegetables and legumes, etc. As a result, the body is burning fat, instead of carbohydrates.

In this phase there is a sharp weight loss, on average from 3 to 6 kg. The duration of the phase is 2 weeks. In some cases, if the weight loss was less than a kilogram or the phase was very easy, then prolongation for a longer period is possible in order to achieve the most optimal result without any harm.

Allowed to eat various types of meat, eggs, seafood. Vegetables - lettuce, onions, cabbage and cucumbers. Because these products do not contain carbohydrates.


In the second phaseit is necessary to smoothly increase the amount of carbohydrates consumed, but only if the weight continues to be burned.

If growth begins, then this level again falls for some time.


Third phaseIt starts when the desired result is achieved on the scale. There is a weekly adding of carbohydrates on 10 gr. and new products while tracking weight. If at some point the weight begins to increase, then the rejection of innovations is necessary. This phase is necessary to determine the optimal individual amount of carbohydrates per day, at which weight will not be added.


The fourth phase- this is following the results of the third. Duration is all life.


The Kremlin diet. Another name is “the diet of American astronauts.”



Kremlin dietThe essence of the diet. In principle, the meaning of the Kremlin diet is similar to the Atkins diet, but there is a major difference - the scoring. The system is such that 1 gr. carbohydrate equals 1 point. You can find the number of points on a special table.The Kremlin diet is suitable for most people. If you eat for a day not more than 40 points, then this is to stimulate weight loss, if the same 60 points, then for stable support in one weight.


Chocolate diet.



This diet comes from Spain. Appeared in the early 90's.

The essence of the diet. During the day, you need to drink 5 cups of coffee with skim milk and without sugar and there is 80 gr. natural chocolate. Every day, you can lose 1-3 kg of excess weight. The recommended duration is not more than a week.


The Japanese diet.



Compiled by specialists of one Japanese clinic and is considered one of the most effective. With its help, you can get rid of 7-8 kg in 2 weeks, this is the maximum duration of its application.

The essence of the diet.There is a specific list of foods you can eat during these two weeks. It is believed that during this time the metabolism is rebuilt in such a way that the resulting weight of the diet becomes stable for 2-3 years, without the risk of a quick return.


Blood type diet.



Blood type dietThe blood type diet is based on the theory of the American doctor James D’Adamo that each blood type has its own harmful and beneficial products.

The essence of the diet.Women with different blood groups should eat different foods in order to lose weight. Those that help one lose weight, others may be strictly contraindicated, due to poor digestibility and poisoning of the body. It is recommended to observe the diet for the blood group not only for the purpose of weight loss, but also to maintain health.


Kefir and buckwheat diet.These are two different diets, the same on the principle of application.


The essence of the diet.In kefir diet, the basis of nutrition is kefir with different menu options, and in buckwheat, respectively, buckwheat. The recommended duration is about a week. On the buckwheat diet, you can lose up to 10 kg.
In addition to the diets themselves, such methods as food with low-fat foods, not eating food after 6 pm, as well as reducing portions are very popular among women.

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