Features of the cultivation of the flower Carantus

The plant with the exotic name Carantus can be found in gardens quite often. This flower, resembling periwinkle, belongs to the number of evergreen perennial species. It blooms so attractively and intensely that it is grown not only in the garden, but also as a decoration for all kinds of greenhouses, balconies and window sills.

Varieties and features

Quarantus belongs to the Kutrov family and can grow even in the wild. His homeland is almost impossible to determine: it grows in the tropics and subtropics, in Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines, India and Cuba, as well as on some islands, including Madagascar.

When grown in indoor conditions, the plant blooms almost always, but it must be pruned, because over time the stems often become bare. For a long time, the flowering bush was considered a relative of periwinkle, but later it was found out that it is not.

Quarantus, as seen in the photo, is a free-flowering shrub with a sturdy trunk and dark green shiny leaves. Its flowers consist of 5 petals and can be painted in different ways: from white and cream, to rich burgundy and purple. In diameter, the inflorescences grow up to 5 cm, and an adult plant, as a rule, has a height of 60-70 cm. There are two types of these plantations, ampelous and shrub.

Among the most popular varieties on the market include Ocellatus, Grape, Parasol, as well as Albus, Orchid and Red - they differ not only in the shade of the inflorescence, but also in height. The cultivation rate of the varieties also varies. In addition to the decorative use of bushes, they are often used as a folk remedy in the treatment of tumors and as an antispasmodic drug. It should be noted that the bush is rather poisonous, which means that protective gloves should be worn while working with it.

This plant is not among the fastidious and requires minimal maintenance, and therefore its cultivation is available to any, even a beginner, grower.

How to grow?

To create the most comfortable conditions, you need to correctly determine the place and capacity.If you plan to place the planting indoors, then for good development and abundant flowering you will need an illuminated place where the direct rays of the sun will not fall. For example, it can be a window sill on the west or east side of a house.

Choosing capacity, it should be noted that the room quarantus is growing rapidly, and get a pot with a reserve for the future.

Under the conditions of the garden plot, flowers are also grown in places with sufficient, but at the same time, dosed lighting, which subsequently will not scorch the leaves and inflorescences. For planting suitable mild warm climate, which will contribute to rapid growth and flowering, but with proper care and in middle latitudes, you can achieve good results. You should know that the plant will not tolerate the winter cold, so wintering in the open ground should be excluded.

Good development of the bush in the garden gives the following procedures:

  • regular and sufficient watering (but without excess);
  • regular spraying;
  • top dressing of bushes once a month with fertilizers;
  • annual seating;
  • annual spring pruning.

Conditions for full development

Having created the necessary conditions for plantations, you can enjoy their flowering for a very long time. In order for flowers to grow healthy, the following conditions are necessary:

  • The soil. It should be nutritious and light, not including excess salt. The best option is to prepare the soil with your own hands, mixing peat and humus with sand, as well as turfy and leafy ground. For home pots, a good soil mix for geraniums, in addition to which good drainage is necessarily created.
  • Watering. Growing a tropical plant is not without water - watering should be carried out regularly, but the stagnation of moisture in the ground is also unacceptable. If there is no drainage in the pot, the excess water after the procedure is simply drained. Drying the land for the carantus is unacceptable - feeling the lack of water, the leaves soon begin to curl. That is why it is often necessary to spray plantings, and during the winter period use warm water for this.
  • Crop. It is carried out in the spring to give splendor to the flower - during the period of winter, it may be too stretched out. Sometimes the flowers are pruned in the summer, but in this case, their stems may become too thick and take on a tree-like shape.
  • Temperature.In the summer, the plants are kept at 22-25º C, and in the winter cold it is necessary to provide them with a temperature of 13 to 18 degrees.
  • Transfer. The procedure is carried out every year due to too rapid growth and is used to ensure that growth and flowering do not stop.
  • Top dressing. Quarantus should be regularly fed with phosphate and mineral fertilizers during the spring and summer, on average 2 times a month.

Knowing how to grow carantus, you can decorate a garden plot, a balcony or a window sill with a healthy plant that will please the eye for years. In addition, the cultivation does not take a lot of time or effort - all the procedures for the care of such an unpretentious flower are very simple.

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