Fire doors

According to statistics, in our country are particularly common fires in warehouses and industrial premises. To ensure fire safety, it is necessary to install afire door.

Fire doors are fencing structures that can withstand high temperatures for some time and provide fire protection by blocking fire outside the protected area.

The main purpose of the fire gate is:

  • fire blocking and protection against the spread of fire around the perimeter of the protected area
  • provide the possibility of evacuation in case of fire
  • when blocking a fire, there is time to move the rescue team to the source of ignition and eliminate it

The most frequently used fire doors are:

  • for parking lots and large car parks
  • in industrial premises (warehouses and storage)
  • for unloading terminals in shopping centers and large stores
  • in production with explosive or chemical materials

There are several types of fire gates:

  • swing (CDF)
  • sliding (VPO) or sliding
  • sectional (VPS)
  • roll

Consider the basic characteristics of each type of gate.

Swing gates, which are, in fact, a large fire door, open and close by swinging open. This type of door is very popular due to its low cost, simplicity of construction and ease of installation.

Features of swing gates:

  • Greater weight than sectional and roll gates
  • please note that you need a place to open the valves
  • low price (8-10 thousand per square meter)
  • ease of installation and operation due to the simplicity of design
  • large dimensions, which entails the installation of electric drives and automatic fire stations for management.

Sliding gates - fireproof canvas, like a shield, moves horizontally, blocking access to the flame.

Features of sliding gates:

  • reliability and ease of installation and operation
  • automatics needed
  • low price (10-12 thousand per square meter)
  • require enough space to place the canvas

Sliding gates, like swing doors, are very popular.

Sectional (lifting or lifting sectional) gates are a multi-element fire shield, sections of which move vertically along the rails with metal rollers and cables wrapped around the electric drums.

Features of sectional doors:

  • low weight (weight of one meter of canvas varies in the region of 35-40 kg)
  • higher cost in comparison with swing and sectional (from 140-150 thousand)
  • versatility and usability (can be embedded in virtually any opening)
  • inconvenient to use with low ceilings

Rolled fire doors are very similar to sectional doors, however, as a rule, they are distinguished by lower weight and dimensions. Interconnected sections of the fabric, resistant to fire, are brought upward by means of an electric drive and wound on a drum there. This configuration is like a roll.

Features of rolling fire doors:

  • low weight
  • versatility and ease of operation
  • fairly expensive

In case of fire, it is often necessary to use a separate evacuation passage, which would be lighter in weight than the gates themselves. Such a gate or loophole is provided for all types of gates and is a metal fire door. The degree of its fire resistance must be identical to the fire resistance of the gate.

Regardless of the type and location of installation, the following requirements are prescribed for fire doors:

  1. Availability of a self-closing device (closers or electric actuators).
  2. Availability of a certificate of compliance with fire safety standards, which is issued after fire testing.
  3. Only the organization that received a license from the Ministry of Emergency Situations for this type of work can deal with the installation and installation of fireproof gates

Ensuring the fire safety of an enterprise and its employees is one of the bases for its successful operation and development.

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