Food processor - a reliable assistant for the fans of cooking

Sooner or later in the life of every housewife there comes a moment when she begins to think about buying a good food processor.

Those who are skeptical about such adaptations and consider it only an unnecessary whim, let them try to prepare for serious domestic feasts or New Year's holidays, which for several days force you to cook cold, chop salads, bake hot and have time to beat up delicious cream for a cake. After such a “shake-up”, I don’t want to go into the kitchen for several days, but you always want to eat!

But to say, even if you have a large family - every day, several times sit down at the table, daily cutting, grater, frying and other manipulations lead to the fact that even qualitatively cooked food ceases to please. In this case, you should definitely get a multifunctional kitchen assistant, who will take most of the bothersome manipulations.

And even if you have a very small family, then a small food processor will still come in handy, which usually has all the basic functions: cutting vegetables in different modes and beating eggs. But for those who love to cook, and even boasts a large family, a powerful food processor is a must-have! After all, this wonderful machine can literally everything, most importantly, the necessary buttons to press! Immediately the question arises, how to choose a good food processor?

Determine the purpose of purchase

Before you go to the store for shopping, decide for what exactly do you need such a serious unit? A combine is a multifunctional household appliance that combines many functions: a juicer, a meat grinder, a blender, and a blender, as well as many other devices in one person. Naturally, the number of functions and "skills" of the combine will greatly affect its cost, as well as its size: the more of them, the more the unit looks more serious.

If you have a very small kitchen, then it would hardly be appropriate to look at a huge and powerful food processor;

Therefore, if you plan to use it only to cut vegetables, fruits, beat eggs or simple cocktails, then it will be much more reasonable to do with an inexpensive model. They are small, they take up little space, are easy to disassemble and fold. If cooking is your favorite hobby, and the place in the kitchen allows, then it is possible to look aside and more powerful models.


So, in our market of household appliances there is a fairly wide range of food processors, the price of which varies from 100 to 1000 dollars, which depends on the number of functions, power, number of nozzles, working bowl capacity and, of course, the brand. And I must say that the most expensive ones do not always mean the best, it is more reasonable to find a middle ground here. To do this, we need to study the main characteristics of the combine, and we will start with power.

Naturally, the more powerful the device, the better: neither solid nuts, nor ice, minced meat with cartilage trays and streaks, in general, will have fewer problems, can break its work. Naturally, with such tasks, such an aggregate will cope much faster than its less powerful counterparts.

The following ratio of power to the volume of the bowl is considered optimal: 200 to 1. For example, if the bowl at a combine is 1.5 liters, then its power should be at least 300 watts. Experts advise choosing even more serious models, with an average power of 600 watts.

Work bowl

Special attention should be paid to the working bowl, because it is in it that you will put the products, where they are mixed, cut, and so on. Most often they are made of plastic, glass and much less often of metal. But even here there may be differences: naturally, it is wiser to choose models from proven and well-known brands, they use durable and high-quality plastic, embedded processors and proven engines.

The cost of such models, of course more expensive, but they are much more reliable than cheap nameless stamped analogues. And, by the way, even among them you can find high-quality and low-cost options, the main thing is to choose exactly the combine that you need.

Pay attention to the volume of the bowl: for example, in a 1.5-liter bowl you can knead only 2.1 kg of dry product or 750 g of dough. In general, these characteristics should be described in detail in the instructions, there also indicate the minimum weight of products that can be processed in the working bowl.It is also worth remembering that it is the bowl that is the most vulnerable part of the entire device, so you need to select models with removable several containers, which, in the event of a breakdown, can be changed.


The number and variety of functions that are built into the food processor will be determined by the number and type of attachments available. Usually it is a variety of knives for chopping meat and cooking meat, circular knives, which are well chopped various vegetables, potatoes and fruits.

A grater, a juicer and a blender attachment will be useful, which ideally prepares baby food, mixes various liquids and is even suitable for grinding small portions of nuts.

Also in the kit may include an ice cream maker, a press nozzle, a mill for cereals and much more. Naturally, a large number of nozzles inherent in powerful models of combines, however, combine in itself everything that the soul would like - it will not work. For example, manufacturers never install both a meat grinder and a juicer in one combine - something will have to be chosen.

Which brands should I prefer?

The best brands on the small appliance market are Bosch, Kenwood, Braun, Moulinex, KitchenAid and others.They may differ in design, power, set of functions and attachments, however, the meaning remains the same, so everyone can choose what they like more.

By the way, some of them have a multitasking function: that is, they perform several functions at one time, for example, as models of the Bosch brand. There are also those that have extra storage space for attachments, which is sometimes very convenient in small kitchens.

In general, as you have probably understood, the process of choosing a food processor must be approached seriously in order to choose the device that best meets all your needs, but at the same time, it does not empty your wallet.

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