For how long is the president elected in Russia? And how many consecutive terms can there be for one person?

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Ksenia Ponamareva
Ksenia Ponamareva
Answered on November 24, 2014 11:33
The term of the President’s office is specified in paragraph 1 of Article 81 p.1 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation adopted on December 12, 1993. Until 2008, this period was limited to 4 years. When Medvedev came to power, he decided to extend the presidential term to 6 years. And the corresponding amendment was made to the Constitution. Paragraph 3 of the same article says that one and the same person cannot occupy the chair of the President for more than two terms in a row. Those. The election for a third term is possible only if you take a break after the second. As happened with VVPutin. If you wish, you can still read the law of January 10, 2003 No. 19-ФЗ “On the Election of the President of the Russian Federation”.
The word “in succession”, as an adverb, can denote a sign of an object, a sign of an action, or a sign of a sign. And no more. In the main part of the proposal, "... he cannot hold the office of President of the Russian Federation for more than two terms ...", by the main members of the proposal, the limit of the President’s tenure is determined. This limit is two terms. Next comes the adverb, with clarification or description of the sign of the action- "in a row". Which means that for two consecutive terms, the President can serve his term and this will be the limit of his tenure. And, here, with a gap between two terms, stay at the post is not possible. What automatically means that you can be elected President only once. What is put in the article a sign of the turnover of power, which was what the writers wrote for. They interpreted it to you by reversing the laws of the Russian language. For clarity, I can show you the role of an adverb and its meaning in this proposal - replace the adverb "in a row" with a non-consecutive one or exclude it - and what do you get? No more than two in a row or with a break, but in any case no more than two terms.

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