Free business style for Women

Free business style for WomenFree business style for Women

Business free dress for women requires some ingenuity, but here it is useful to adhere to the principle of "simple and tasteful." Dark colors symbolize power and authority; bright colors - friendly relationship. Light colors, as well as khaki, are more “frivolous” than black, gray, or dark blue. The site of useful tips will help to understand this issue.


Here are some tips for choosing clothes.



The minimum set: a dark jacket (jacket), a few nice polo shirts, a simple white blouse, a few jumpers (cashmere is better), dark skirts or pants and two pairs of nice leather gloves - brown and black.


Jumpers and sweaters allow you to vary the colors of the dress, you can wear them instead of a jacket (jacket) to a blouse and skirt (trousers); it is less formal clothing than a jacket or jacket.


To dark blue suit is best to wear black shoes.


Dark colors are ideal for jackets, trousers and skirts, light blouses and jewelry are well combined with them.


Avoid excessively bright and causing colors.


Do not abuse jewelry.


Shoes should not match the blouse. Shoes (shoes in general) are selected to the bag and gloves.


Do not wear sandals and sandals to work.


Even in summer, women should not come to work with bare legs. Also inappropriate are the neckline and short blouses that leave the stomach open, as well as sleeveless blouses.


Formal business clothes for women



Formal business clothes for womenFormal business clothes for women

One piece of advice: stick in a conservative style of clothing until it is completely obvious that this is not necessary. In the business wardrobe of a woman there should be several suits, including trouser ones.


The suit should be of good fabric, fit and be comfortable.


The best option for autumn, winter and spring - woolen fabric, for summer - cotton and linen, including with the addition of synthetics.


At work, you can wear leather products, but they should not resemble biker or punk.


You can not go wrong by choosing colors: dark blue, black, ash gray, taupe, white and maroon, as well as the color of forest greens. Permissible dark red, but orange, yellow, bright red and other flashy colors are best used in moderate doses.


Your costume should sit perfectly. Long jackets (jackets) to the hip line go to almost all women. Buy clothes that you can wear now, and not the one you can wear if you lose weight (gain weight) by a couple of kilograms, or buy new shoes, or repaint your hair in red, or ...


Skirts should be of reasonable length and fit your figure. Very short and too tight are not suitable, as well as too long. Broad and pleated skirts do not, strictly speaking, belong to business style, but if you wear them, remember: they must be longer than straight. The ideal length of the business skirt is up to the middle of the knee (the so-called Italian length).


Women's trouser suit - a common phenomenon in the modern business world. The main thing is to choose the right color: blue, black, ash gray, taupe, maroon colors, and shades of green.It is very important that the trouser suit fits well on your figure.


Jacket trouser suit should cover the hips.


Blouses made of transparent fabric are not suitable for work. The most suitable fabrics are high-quality cotton fabrics, silk and fabrics with the addition of synthetics. The collars of women's blouses are very varied. It is important not to lose a sense of proportion. The color of the blouse should be in harmony with the color of the suit.


To work you can wear both stockings and tights. The main thing is that they match the other elements of your costume, are not too bright and do not give reason to think that you came to work with some other purpose. The best option - stockings and pantyhose solid or black, without patterns. Needless to say, the edges of the stockings should not be visible from under the skirt.


Shoes should pay special attention. The main thing is that it should be comfortable, clean and tidy.


Always carry with you a special black (or brown) marker, which, if necessary, you can paint over scratches on the shoes.


Low-heeled pumps are perfect for a business suit. They are elegant, comfortable and inexpensive, so you can buy several pairs of different colors. You must have one pair of black shoes and one pair of brown ones.


It is not customary to wear white shoes.


In shoes with heels above five centimeters, you look flippant. Save high heels for a skirt - five-centimeter heels in combination with a trouser suit in the afternoon look, perhaps, too elegantly. The general rule is: the higher the heel, the longer the skirt.


Open sandals, sandals and shoes without a backdrop in a conservative environment are unacceptable, as are boots on a powerful platform, flip-flops, sneakers and stilettos.

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