French style in the interior

According to professionals, the French style will never go out of style. If you value refinement and elegance in the interior, if romance is not alien to you - this style will suit you. In such interiors must be present taste and stylish furniture.

What is he - the French style? This may be a disappointment for fans of films about Louis XVI, the musketeers and Queen Margot, but the essence of the French style is the harmony of simplicity that is achieved by using soft tones in the decoration and careful work with details. The most popular colors for the French style are gray , lilac, white, beige, green. Also perfect shades of beige and chocolate colors. And do not forget that the interior should contain fashionable furniture.

In the decoration of the walls it is better to use matte monochrome wallpaper, if your interior implies photo wallpapers - let it be a romantic landscape.This decoration will emphasize sophistication and give a touch of romance to your interior. For the finish of the floor, you can choose any cover, the main thing is to relate the room volume and the shade of the floor covering, the smaller - the lighter. Also in the French style, light, by no means plentiful and cumbersome stucco on the ceiling is permissible.

In the interior, the French style is eclectic - it's Baroque, and Empire and modern. As for materials, fabrics, wood, glass, metal, stone are used. Except plastic is not welcome - it has no place in an elegant living room or bedroom. Exclusive furniture simply can not be made from cheap materials. The interiors with dark furniture will look great forging elements - for example, a wrought-iron headboard and a frame for a mirror in the bedroom, or a fireplace grill and an openwork table in the living room. If your interior is made in light colors, the highlight will be woven furniture - a table or chair with a soft satin cushion.

As for upholstered furniture - do not choose headsets with leather upholstery.If you choose the French style, you should prefer satin upholstery, monophonic, striped or with a floral pattern - certainly in tone wallpaper.

Do not forget to pay attention to the details - the integrity of the idea is expressed in trifles, and the right choice of accessories for the interior will be very important. Forms are preferred simple, but fabrics are desirable noble texture - organza, velvet, silk and brocade. Curtains can be decorated with drapery or lambrequins. Also in the interior are welcome mirrors - they will give both light and volume to the room. It is worth spending time and on the choice of optimal lighting. Of course, if the height of the ceilings allows, the crystal chandelier will be the best choice and will give even the simplest interior sophistication. Do not refuse to use sconces and floor lamps - their light will make the atmosphere cozy.

Creating an interior in French style takes time and effort, but the result will certainly prove its worth.

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