From eroticism to heroes of action films: the film evolution of Sylvester Stallone

Today, the mighty Sly celebrates his 71st birthday! And we remember from what role the actor’s ascent to the glory of Olympus began.

Sylvester made a real feat and did a great job on himself. And it was not the desire to become famous that motivated them - the boy was born with a whole bunch of complications as a result of a birth trauma. Paralysis of the facial muscles left an imprint on the child's appearance - for a rather long time Sly spoke poorly, his eyes could open only half. Because of problems with speech, the boy became an outcast at school - he was teased, bullied, and his classmates beat more than once.

"Judge Dredd", 1995
Photo: frame from the film

At that moment, Sylvester realized that he would literally have to prove with his fists that he was worthy of respect and recognition. For their violent temper and numerous fights, the guy excluded a total of 17 schools! Jacqueline Stallone, the mother of the actor, was very afraid that her son could be in prison if he could not cope with his anger.

After the parents divorced, 15-year-old Sly was in a special school for difficult teenagers. Thanks to competent teachers, he still learned to keep himself in his hands and even decided on his future profession. Starting with small school theater productions, Sylvester grew up as a student at the University of Miami — here he began to seriously study dramatic art.

After graduation, the young actor was interrupted by small roles and episodes in the television series. One of the roles Sylvester Stallone remembers extremely reluctantly and would be glad if this video has never been.

At the age of 24, Sly made his debut in the cinema of the genre, not intended for the big screen. The erotic film Italian Stallion was shot in two days, and the actor received a fee of $ 200. As a celebrity is now justified, at that time he was a beggar and lived on the street. Hunger forced the future star to decide to play in such a picture. But the consequences still came back when Sly achieved real success. The original copy of the film was sold at an auction for 270 thousand pounds, and the actor was given the nickname Italian Stallion.

Trying to forget about the shameful experience, the actor got the idea to make his film! Pretty bold and bold for an absolute newcomer to the movies.But, anyway, Sly managed to sell his script for the movie “Rocky” on the condition that he would play the main role. The first film debut Stallone was awarded nominations for the Oscars, Golden Globe and BAFTA!

Inspired by his success, Sly set to work on the continuation of the boxing saga, and after the third part of the footage he appeared in another film, which became his calling card - “Rambo”.

Today, Sly has more than 60 roles.

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