Glazing of balconies

Glazing a balcony or loggia - this repair work, which at the time of their conduct, create inconveniences for the owners of a residential apartment. Often, glazing work is very complex, including the dismantling of old frames, fencing, accompanied by the delivery of a significant amount of structures and materials. Therefore, the customer’s question - “what to be ready for?” Is quite natural.

It should be noted that the scope of work and the timing of their implementation is largely dependent on the presence or absence of finishing. If the glazing of a typical three-meter balcony is installed by the installers during the working day, then the outer skin will probably add another day. Interior decoration requires a painstaking, thoughtful approach and, in principle, is not performed quickly. It may take another three to four days. And in this case it will not be possible to accelerate by attracting additional workers. The standard installation team consists of two people. Attracting helpers will not speed up the work, because the space on the balcony is extremely limited and unnecessary workers will only get in the way.

If the glazing is done with a complete interior finish, it should be noted that the amount of finishing materials will be quite large and they will be delivered to the facility, most likely on the first day. Therefore it is necessary to provide a place for storage. The place should be in the apartment. Do not store materials on the staircase in the hope of the honesty of neighbors and do not persuade installers to place them on the balcony, because there they will only interfere. The most optimal is to prepare an adjoining room (room, kitchen or bedroom), where to place the frame and all that is necessary for finishing.

It should be noted that the materials, and in particular the plastic panels and profiled sheet, are rather cumbersome and most likely the assemblers will have to cut them before they are carried out on the balcony. Therefore, you should prepare the room - lay the floor, upholstered furniture. Cutting materials only on the balcony or only on the staircase is an option, but extremely undesirable, as this can significantly increase the installation time.

The presence of serviceable electrical networks and the performance of the elevator is the sole concern of the customer.After signing the contract for glazing, the responsibility for providing electricity rests with the landlord. In the case of a non-working elevator, the rise to the floor is likely to be paid.

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