Warmly in your home: build a biofireplace with available materials

Many fireplace is associated exclusively with a private house. Fortunately, modern technology allows you to kindle a living flame in a safe way, even in a standard apartment. Build a biofireplace that will fill your home with warmth and comfort.

You will need:

  • Glass;
  • heat-resistant stones (suitable for those used for the bath);
  • metal box;
  • metal cans;
  • glass sealant;
  • glass cutter;
  • steel mesh;
  • bioethanol as fuel

To get started, calculate the size of your fireplace. For one burner, a box of glass of at least 15 cm in length and width is suitable. Choose a metal vessel of the right size.

After this, it is necessary to glue the walls of glass. This is convenient to do with a special sealant.

The glass box is mounted on the selected metal container. If you want to use more than one burner, the distance between them must be at least 15 cm, as well as from each burner to the glass in either direction.

On the bottom are installed grids of steel, which are covered with stones or pebbles. Under them put the burner (metal jar) with fuel.

Here are a few ideas, inspired by which, you can enter a bio fireplace into the interior of the room.

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