Horoscope drawbacks: caution, Scorpios!

For the shortcomings of the Scorpions, only lazy people didn’t go through, but these passionate and dangerous individuals are next in our cycle of “revelations”, so there’s nothing to do, we have to remind them once again what makes others stay away from them. And yes, I shudder in advance at the thought of potential comments and weigh myself with protective amulets - it’s not certain that Scorpios will agree with the presence of the described qualities in them.

“There are two opinions - mine and wrong”

Scorpios without any reverence belong to someone else's opinion, or more simply, they frankly do not care about him. If they bore themselves into their heads, they would not even listen to you, but simply shut up with some unpleasant statement, having thoroughly trampled on your mental abilities. They always and everyone knows better than others, persuade them - to lose time and self-esteem. Sometimes it seems that they and the most influential and intelligent person in the world will begin to argue, violating his authority, which is definitely an empty space for them.

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“I'm not vindictive, I will take revenge a couple of times and forget”

Scorpios are terribly vengeful. Even if you just stepped on the foot of a representative of this sign, then be sure that he will not limit himself to spitting in the back, but will come up with something intricate that it will be dispelled. Well, if you encroached on what he considers his own, you can pre-order yourself a ticket to the farthest country and change the name. Do not have time - your problems. They get rid of you quickly and very painfully, destroying everything that you have carefully and lovingly created for many years. There are no forbidden and unethical methods for Scorpions, including dark magic rituals, which, believe me, they work flawlessly.

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“Violence over personality? No, I have not heard

Scorpios are incredible tyrants. They need everyone around to dance to their tune, a step to the right or left is punishable by shooting, a jump on the spot is considered a provocation and punished with preventive flogging. They simply do not understand how to act not according to the scenario that they have come up with with such dedication, and they do not realize that, like all other people, they can also make mistakes.

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For representatives of this sign, power over others is literally the meaning of existence, and in order to receive and retain it, they use any means: intrigue, blackmail, hypnosis, subtle - and sometimes not very much - an effect on the consciousness and subconsciousness. They deftly program their "puppets", and then they simply pull the strings, reveling in their own ability to control other people's destinies, even if it is not about achieving some global goal, but just about entertainment. Well, what character, such and toys.

Extreme and fatalism as a way of life

Scorpios often play with their fate, shoving their heads where an ordinary person is even afraid to look in his mind. Their whole life is “Russian roulette”. They are adrenaline drug addicts and desperate fatalists, constantly testing the strength of this world and of themselves. And it would be okay to do this autonomously, without prejudice to those around you, so no, give them both the public, and rivals, and victims, otherwise it is somehow uninteresting. So the representatives of this sign permanently involve in their extreme escapades those who did not hide,and the mass of the people, as a rule, suffers from the results of their entertainment or the achievement of understandable goals alone; the psyche of their loved ones in general scatters to shreds.

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"What is poison, what is honey, and the result is one ..."

They say: "My tongue is my enemy," and the language (or should I say, sting?) Of Scorpions is the enemy of everything. With its help, they can bring to a deranged state the most persistent, patient and unresponsive to insults, push into natural insanities, destroy to the ground someone's self-esteem, and at the same time the present, the future, even the past.

And sometimes they do not inject poison, but honey, tempt, seduce, draw tremendous prospects ... and here it is definitely worth running without looking back. If the representative of this sign began to weave beautiful and tempting verbal lace - hence, he conceived some particularly unprincipled, universal muck. The more convinced, more affectionate, more penetrating the Scorpio says, the more catastrophic will be the consequences, if you still follow his call, you will go with him on the occasion. It seems that the serpent in Eden was born just under this sign of the zodiac.

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"Behind a curtain of lies ..."

Scorpios never tell the truth. Sincerely and with all their heart, they only say mucks, and so their whole life is surrounded by a veil of lies, and most often they do not create it in order to preserve their private, personal territory intact, but in order to achieve some of their own selfish goals . They easily come up with whole legends about their origins, education, abilities and opportunities to lead gullible individuals like rats behind a pipe of the Hamelin Pied Piper. They need adepts who will do anything for them and for them.

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Representatives of this sign easily lead around the naive finger, using, among other things, compassionate stories about imaginary misfortunes, tragedies, illnesses (their own and others'). They are not weakaboutrepeatedly "to see off to the churchyard" the same second cousin to get something or, on the contrary, to avoid something. And the most amazing thing is that they continue to believe for the fifteenth time.

"The whole world is a mess, and people are rubbish"

Scorpios are usually cynical and do not like people.For them, the surrounding ones are small insects, which are needed only as a toolkit for achieving goals, or, again, for entertainment. Representatives of this sign is very low opinion of all, even those who have outstanding abilities. They do not believe in virtue, scoff at goodness (although, one must give them their due, sometimes they are generous and ready for self-sacrifice). For them, the merits of others are a reason to say a word, besides, they themselves are “caskets with a surprise,” they and others are suspected of secret motives, they are looking for a second bottom in every positive act.

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Scorpios try not to make friends, they are loners; often, having experienced in their youth a negative experience of close interaction, they close for ever and endure one or two individuals next to them who irritate them less than others and who have not yet done anything to harm them. By the way, the representatives of this sign smell for potential treachery, so they destroy the likely Judas before he does anything.

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