How beautiful to tie a tippet?

The accessory can not only complement the image, but also become its bright accent. And if you wear it skillfully, you can look elegant and unusual at the same time. And how to tie a tippet?

What it is?

The tippet is an accessory that looks like a wide scarf or scarf. It is a fairly large rectangular piece of fabric, which is usually worn on the head or neck.

How to choose?

In general, the tippet can be called a universal accessory, as it is combined with almost any things. It is worn with outerwear, and with both feminine and elegant coats, and with coarse leather jackets. He is able to decorate a dress or blouse. It can be combined with trousers, skirts of any length, jeans, jumper and other items of clothing.

How to make a choice?

  • First, consider the time of year. Winter tippet should be cozy and warm, because it is designed to protect from the cold. Spring can be sewn from a dense fabric. But the summer scarf should be light, almost weightless.
  • Secondly, consider your intentions. Where will you go when you wear an accessory? For everyday wear worth buying stole calm color without unnecessary details. But the holiday version, designed for special occasions, can be bright and original.
  • Thirdly, the accessory must be combined with clothing. But you can both create a calm or clear tandem, and play on the contrast.

How to wear?

How can you beautifully tie a tippet? Immediately it should be noted that it can be worn on the head, on the neck, as well as on other parts of the body.


You can tie it in the neck in one of the following ways:

  1. Just throw a tipple over the shoulders so that the ends are loose on your chest. And if you want to create a more original image, then place the ends under the strap.
  2. Slip the tippet over the shoulders, and move one end behind your back. To fix the scarf in this position, you can use a beautiful brooch that will make the image even brighter.
  3. Wrap the scarf around the neck several times, and hide the ends under the folds.
  4. If it is sewn from a fabric that is not too dense, then twist it into a bundle. Tie the ends and hide in the folds of the harness.
  5. Fold the scarf in half across, put it over the shoulders and pass the loose ends through the loop.
  6. Throw it over your shoulders so that its ends are behind your back. Cross the ends and start under the wide part of the scarf located on the chest.
  7. Place the stole on the neck so that the ends hang down on the chest, but one of them was short and the other one was long. Wrap the long end around the neck. Begin to pull the short end out from under the middle part of the shawl, located on the neck. Completely remove it is not necessary, and in the resulting loop, thread the other end.
  8. Flip the scarf over the neck, twist the ends in front two times, then wind up behind the neck and tie it in the back.
  9. Measure the volume of the head and secure the stole at the junction points with a pin. Place the scarf so that the ends are located on one side of the loop. Braid a braid from these three parts, tie the loose ends with a bundle. Put on the resulting collar with a scythe on the neck.
  10. Fold the scarf across twice and toss it across the neck, so that on one side the loop is placed, and on the other - the two ends. Thread one end into the loop, then twist the loop and thread the other end into it. Drape and straighten the folds.
  11. Fold the handkerchief so that one end is slightly longer than the other. Flip the tippet over the neck. Thread one end into the loop, and then tie it with the remaining free end into a simple knot.
  12. Flip the tippet over the neck so that one end is longer than the other. Fold the long end in half, tip the dressing. Now wrap the resulting loop with the short end from the bottom up, then thread it from the bottom (on the reverse side). You get a cute bow, it remains only to straighten it.
  13. Throw a scarf over the neck, leaving one end longer than the other. Flip the long end through the short one and start tying it, but do not pull it out completely to form a loop. Straighten this loop or drape.
  14. If it is quite wide, fold it along and tie the ends on each side. Throw the scarf over the neck, and pass the hands through the holes.
  15. Flip the tippet over the neck, tie one of the loose ends in a loose knot, relaxing the resulting loop. Thread only one tip of the free side through this loop. Spread the ends and the loose part.
  16. Flip the tippet over the neck, one end should be longer than the other.Now flip the long end over the neck. Then grab its inner tip, and then by the neck and tuck the scarf.


How to wear on your head?

  1. Fold half along and place its middle on the forehead, so that the ends are on the back of the head. You can tie them in a knot or make a beautiful bow.
  2. Place the center of the shawl on the back of the head, lead the ends to your forehead or to the temple, tie a beautiful bow, straighten it. If the scarf is wide, fold it along.
  3. Do you want to feel like a real oriental beauty or just warm up in the cold season? Throw a scarf over your head so that the ends hang down on your chest, but one is longer than the other. Wrap the long end around the neck, connect it with the short one and fasten it with a pin (or just tie the ends).
  4. Flip the tippet over your head so that the ends are at the back of your head. Cross them and move forward. Twist one end into a bundle, flip over the forehead and tie with the other end on the side.
  5. Remember the method number 9 from the previous paragraph. The resulting loop can be put on the head and used as a rim, placing the weave in front. And if you move the braid back, and straighten the free part on your head, you get an interesting headdress.
  6. Throw the handkerchief over your head, twist the ends in front, then wind back and tie.
  7. Flip the tippet over the neck, connect the ends on the forehead, twist it several times, wind up behind the head and tie it together.

Other body parts

A few more ways:

  • The scarf can replace the belt. Assemble it or twist it into a braid, thread it into the loops designed for the strap, tie a beautiful volume bow.
  • Lightweight tippet can be used instead of a beach shawl.
  • Throw a scarf over your neck, cross the ends once, put them behind your back and tie them there. So you can decorate or even replace the summer lightweight T-shirt.
  • Lightweight tippet can be used instead of a scrunchy.

Choose a suitable way and wear a tippet in an original way!

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