How can I disguise the wires in the apartment?

Surely many have a lot of different devices, which means that there are a lot of wires in the apartment. They interfere, get underfoot and just spoil the look of the room. But you can hide them. Find out how to do this.

Where and how to hide?


So, how to hide the wires in the apartment? You can do this in a variety of ways. We offer some of them:

  1. In the walls. They are made indentations in which the wires and will be placed directly during the laying. To make such indentations, prepare the following materials and tools: a grinder, a perforator, as well as a fixing solution, for example, alabaster or cement. To begin, mark the line grooves with the grinder. Previously, you can make a drawing, so that all directions are smooth. After that, take a punch and punch grooves. Their depth will depend on the diameter and number of wires, but all cables must be hidden in the groove completely.When the grooves are ready, start laying the wires. You can immediately fix them with cement mortar or alabaster so that they do not fall out. Then you can proceed to the alignment of the wall and its finish. The advantage of this method is the excellent disguise and the absence of the slightest hint of wire. Minus - the inability to move the wire to another place, as this will be very problematic.
  2. Hiding the wires from the air conditioner is easiest in the ceiling. First, you can put them in a plinth or under it. It is advisable to purchase a special ceiling plinth with a recess for the cable. Secondly, if you plan to install a suspended ceiling, then you will have the opportunity to place the wires in this design. Bring the cable to the outlet can be on the corner of the wall, where the wire will be almost invisible.
  3. Furniture. This method is very simple. If the room is quite a lot of furniture, then place it so that it closes the wires. In fact, you do not have to drastically change anything. In addition, all the devices you can easily move to another place. And if then you re-arrange the furniture, you will be able to kill two birds with one stone: re-mask the wiring, and also update the room and refresh it.
  4. Plinth.Today, the sale of a lot of a variety of floor baseboards with grooves for wires. Such a plinth is similar to a regular one, but differs from it in the presence of a removable plate, under which a cable groove hides.
  5. If you are attracted to creative and bright ideas, then instead of a plinth, put a fence along the floor perimeter. This item will look very original and bright. You can make it yourself from wooden slats. First, cut them out, connect them with a thin rail with glue (it will not only connect all the parts, but also provide space for the wire between the wall and the fence), and then attach this thin rail to the wall using double-sided tape.
  6. If both the device and the socket are not far from the door or on either side of it, then the doorframe can be a masking tool, or rather, the back door panels. If they have not yet been installed, then simply lay the wires under them (there will surely be a recess, and if not, now you know how to make it yourself). If the door is installed completely, then it will not be difficult to dismantle, then return the casing to the place.
  7. Wires from the TV or some other device, running along the perimeter of the wall, can be hidden in special boxes. They are made of plastic, but can have different sizes, colors, textures and even shapes, so that you can not only choose something suitable, but also decorate the interior by choosing boxes of bright and contrasting color.
  8. The wiring can be masked using colors. Crocheted plants are an ideal option. Start one branch straight through the cable, and soon the simple wire will turn into an original interior detail. By the way, indoor plants not only transform the room, but also refresh the air, so by all means consider this option.
  9. If you have a computer and other devices, such as a scanner, printer, and so on, then surely you are constantly watching a bunch of wires near the computer desk. To forget about it, use a special organizer for cables. It can be placed wires and extension cord. You can buy the simplest and most inconspicuous organizer and hide it under the table or buy a bright and original and make it a decorative element of the interior.

You can not hide


Why hide a baseboard somewhere, if it can become a full-fledged element of the room's decor? Just show a little imagination, and the design of the room will change to sparkle with new colors!

Suitable for office

Some interesting and original ideas:

  1. Get special decorative wire clips. They differ from ordinary ones in that they are decorated with various figures of flowers, leaves, birds, animals and so on. With the help of such staples the ordinary wire can be turned, for example, into a pretty tree with the birds sitting on it, in a flower on which a butterfly has sat down, or in a branch of a creeper.
  2. If the decorative staples in the stores you could not find, then use other elements. So, vinyl stickers that are popular today can come to the rescue. Purchase a few, make a composition and make the cable part of it (for example, a frame). Such a masterpiece on the wall will look bright and unusual.
  3. If the wire is quite long, do not rush it shortened, a considerable length can be used for good and creative purposes. Make some pattern of it. It can be a flower, a tree, a house, an animal, an insect, or something else. On a white background, the outlines of city houses will look creative, the contour of which will be the black wire. In general, fantasize and create.Mount the wire to the wall either by using conventional staples (it is desirable that they are combined with the wire in color), or using double-sided adhesive tape.
  4. Original will look jewelry made with your own hands. You can make them, for example, from cardboard or other materials. Different figures can be cut out of cardboard and attached with glue or tape to the cable. Cut out clothing items (shorts, shirts, T-shirts, and so on) and attach them to the wire with clothespins. And you can take large beads, string them on a string and attach such interesting beads to the wire with a thread or a thin wire. Instead of beads, you can use any unnecessary jewelry and other items, such as old earrings. And you can strut the steering wheel on the wire, and place an image of a samovar next to the socket.

Let the wires do not bother you anymore! Hide them or turn them into an original element of decor.

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