How can you become a real actress?

Every girl, watching a movie with the participation of a famous actress, at least once in her life imagined herself in her place. Being an actress is an opportunity to try on different roles and live dozens of lives of characters from different eras in one life.

But the majority of girls do not dare to make their dream a reality. If you are a single-minded person and cannot imagine your life without the attention of others, then you are created for the profession of an actress.

From the outside it may seem that becoming an actress is very easy. But in fact, it is a very laborious process. You need to work daily on yourself and invest in what you are doing, all your energy.

Pros and cons of the profession

Before devoting your life to the world of art, you must weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of the actress profession, as it may turn out that this is not at all what you need.

The indisputable advantages of this profession are:

  • Glory. People are starting to recognize you on the streets and in the shops.In some cases, this can help solve various problems.
  • Wealth. Who does not want to have a lot of money and spend it on everything that they want? Famous actresses receive multimillion-dollar fees and can afford big houses and luxury cars.
  • The opportunity to realize your talent.

A lot of this profession and cons, which include:

  • A busy schedule. The actress does not have an 8-hour working day. She should always stay in shape. You'll relax a little, and everyone has already forgotten about you. You must always work on yourself. If the actress is not engaged in a performance or filming a new film, then she must constantly improve her acting talent, and, of course, her body. Actresses of the theater have to disappear for months on tour, and film actresses sometimes have to stay on the stage almost the whole day, spending only a few hours to sleep.
  • High emotional and physical stress. People who are not connected with the world of cinema or theater, it may seem that the actress to be easy. But this is a very exhausting profession. You need to be able to emotionally demonstrate a dry text, while completely reincarnating into a character.Not everyone can do it. In addition, some roles require the actress to be physically fit. She has to perform various tricks or stay in extreme conditions for a long time, for example, swim in cold water, crawl in the mud or act in the cold in light clothing.
  • Lack of personal life. Despite numerous fans, actresses often fail to build long-term relationships with anyone. Blame the busy schedule. Constant shooting or rehearsal of the play takes the actress most of the time, because for her work in the cinema or theater is the meaning of her life, and therefore she will always come first. Few of the beloved will put up with it. If you decide to become an actress, then be prepared for the fact that you can not always be close to your loved ones.
  • Compulsive fans and paparazzi. Glory has a downside - publicity. Every step of yours will be watched by the ubiquitous paparazzi, and as soon as you stumble, the general public will know about it immediately.
  • Big competition. Profession actress is very popular. Be prepared for numerous castings and failures.Your whole life will be one continuous competition. Only famous actresses directors themselves offer roles, and newcomers have to look for projects in which they can participate. But first, they need to go around the dozens of the same girls who want to get the part.

What is needed in order to become an actress?

If after all of the above, you are still firmly decided to become an actress, then boldly embark on the embodiment of your dream into reality. What is necessary for this?

In addition to your desire, perseverance and talent, professional education plays a big role. In history, of course, there have been cases when simple waitresses became world famous actresses, but this was most often in Western countries. In our latitudes, education is an important condition for the start of a professional career.

Before deciding on admission to an educational institution, try your hand at acting schools or school theatrical circles. There you will be able to decide on whether the profession of an actress is right for you or not? In addition, it is a great opportunity to learn how to speak to an audience and overcome your fear of public speaking.

After that, you can try to enroll in any drama school or university.It is best to go to conquer Moscow, since it is there that there are such famous theater schools as the Moscow Art Theater, GITIS, VGIK, Schukinsky Theater School and Shchepkinsky Theater School. It is Moscow that is the center of domestic cinema.

So studying in these universities will help you start as an actress. You will be able to learn acting skills from outstanding teachers and actors. In addition, you will get a lot of skills that you will definitely need during your work.

Preparing to enter the theatrical university?

Competition in theatrical universities is very large. Usually more than 200 people per seat. Therefore, you need to properly prepare for admission. Seriously approach the choice of material for the entrance examinations. Prepare a fable, a poem and a prose excerpt.

Many and persistently rehearse in front of a mirror. Your speech should be clear and loud. Also prepare some kind of dance or song, as the commission may ask you to perform something like that. Be prepared for the unexpected.

Improvise if you don't know what to do. The main thing - do not stand like an idol.It would not be superfluous to pre-practice choreography and vocal. Also, be sure to read at least the basic creations of classical literature in order not to look like an ignoramus in the eyes of the commission.

In addition, you still need to prepare for a colloquium on the history of theater and drama. A list of the necessary literature for this can be found in the booklets for applicants.

Try to enroll in several universities. This will increase your chances. If you didn’t manage to do it the first time, try to pass the entrance exams in the next academic year again. But remember that the chances of admission decrease with increasing age. A 22-year-old girl has practically no chance of becoming an entrant to a coveted university.

As for the exterior? It is not important. Beautiful face does not help you become an actress, if you do not have charisma and talent. Therefore, do not adjust yourself to the standards of beauty. Be an individual. In the history of cinema and theater there are many cases when the actors, who, in the opinion of most people, were far from the usual canons of beauty, achieved incredible success thanks to their talent.

If you were unable to enter the drama school, but the desire to become an actress is not lost, you can try your hand at television. Even shooting in advertising can help you make your dreams come true. There have been cases when advertising stars have become film actors without special education.

If you have successfully passed the entrance exams, then this is half the success. Now you can learn all the subtleties of acting. In addition, students of theater universities after graduation are often invited to work in theaters, and directors are more willing to offer roles to people with vocational education.

However, do not expect that you will immediately begin to receive offers from famous playwrights. At first, you will have to look like numerous castings for which you will not receive a single refusal. But do not despair. Keep going to your dream meeting.

Learn from failures and improve. Agree to even small roles. Your task is to get on the TV screen. Over time, you will begin to offer more serious roles and, perhaps, someday, a famous director will notice your talent and make you an offer you have been dreaming about all your life.

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