How can you return a strong passion in the relationship?

Passion people experience very often. This feeling can shut off the mind, forcing you to think only about one thing - about a person without whom it seems to us that we cannot live. Passion is like a wave in the sea, it covers the person with the head, from the touch of the beloved, the heart begins to beat frequently and one wants to dissolve in the object of its passion. This feeling exposes all the most secret desires of a person, forcing him to forget about morality.

Passion is an explosion of emotions that a person will never forget. Sometimes it becomes the initial stage before a long and long relationship between a man and a woman. And it happens that passion passes as rapidly as it appeared, leaving only memories in the soul.

Some people are able to confuse passion and love. Love is a feeling of a lifetime that can change a person’s character and habits. And passion is something more “light”: people subjected to this feeling do not always want to be together happily ever after.But an understanding of this comes with time.

By the way, it can lead to serious trouble. Sometimes people in a fit of passion are capable of committing crimes, because in such a state all feelings are aggravated and jealousy as well. If you see that the partner is beginning to “lose its head” and go beyond the security framework, run away from it. A similar feeling is good, but being healthy is even better!

The most often strong emotional feeling arises between work colleagues. Boring work on the computer, constant reports, and even problems in his personal life beyond the workplace, are forced to seek emotional happiness in the staff. But, the passion will pass, you will understand that you no longer want to be with this person, it will be difficult to continue corporate relations. Constant discomfort, discussion and conviction of colleagues, most likely, will force you to look for another place of work. Is it worth it to lose a well-paid job because of fleeting attraction, you decide.

Will bring passion favor or not, it depends entirely on the person. To be afraid of this feeling is not necessary, to avoid even more so. Many couples worry that having lived together for many years, they no longer feel the heat of emotions.They begin to doubt whether that person lives. If a disturbing feeling has passed in your relationship, do not rush to put a cross on them. It can be revived.

How to revive the passion in the relationship?

Begin to change something first. Of course, it's nice when the initiative comes from a man, but the guys are not brave now and you can never wait for an unusual act from a loved one. Therefore, we do not wait for anyone and proceed to the process of reviving the fiery feeling.


Do what you never did. If every evening you spend with your boyfriend at the TV or computer, immediately change this habit. Go to the cinema, disco or just go for a walk along the street. While walking, unexpectedly kiss your loved one, in front of everyone. Do not be ashamed of your feelings.

Diversify sex life. Experiment in bed. Frankly talk with your partner about his fantasies, do not forget to mention yours too. Realize your desires, because passion does not tolerate complexes.

If you have children, try to remain for a while without them (grandmothers, sisters, babysitters to help) and devote this time to your man. A couple of hours a week, dedicated only to each other will not allow the passion to subside.

Watch your appearance. Long-term relationships sometimes have a bad effect on a woman: knowing that a man already belongs to her, a woman stops taking care of her appearance. This leads to the fact that at one point, a man will look at the woman with different eyes and in them there will be no desire, but fear and horror. Therefore, under no circumstances, do not stop to look your best!

Have spontaneous sex. It is possible without a long foreplay and even in a public place (only so that there are no acquaintances) Believe, this your young man from you just does not expect. He will be very grateful to you for such an explosion of emotions.

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