How do you know if your wife is cheating on you?

Men often seek help from a psychologist in anxiety. There is discord in the family, they are sure that the reason for this is the betrayal of the wife. But since there is no complete confidence in this, nothing can be changed. But living on, as if nothing had happened, is difficult. The husband is looking for signs of female adultery everywhere.

So, how to understand if your wife is cheating on you, or is it just an ordinary relationship crisis. The latter is solved by frank conversations with a psychologist. A betrayal is another problem.

How to recognize the betrayal of his wife

If you do not understand how to recognize the betrayal of his wife, are afraid to confuse the signs with a crisis of relationships, then remember:

  • most of the betrayal is hiding from a partner. If a woman has a relationship on the side, they will somehow manifest. This sms, calls, correspondence in social networks, it is not clear where the things appeared from. And this has to be hidden. If the wife no longer throws the phone unattended, although she always did this before, or always closes all of her pages on the PC, although she’s gone before, leaving everything.This may be the first sign of her betrayal;

How do you know if your wife is cheating on you?

  • it is worth guarding if your half has new hobbies that require a lot of time spent outside the home. Yes, everybody has a hobby, but in combination with other signs, it is alarming;

A change in behavior is not always a 100% sign of treason. It is important to compare all the nuances in the complex.

  • a person who changes, feels guilty, tries to make amends. The paradox is that with the problem “How to understand that a wife is cheating?”, Husbands who have had a rift, frequent quarrels are turning. But in order to atone for women, women soften conflicts and become attentive. And it gets an exaggerated character. If a woman makes quarrels and scandals, then even if they are unpleasant, this is evidence that she needs you and this relationship, something is missing. And this is a signal that you need to think about your behavior, and not to look for signs of treason;
  • Try to look carefully at your wife. How does she look when she comes home, has her smell changed, has she paid more attention to herself, has she lost interest in intimacy? If you pay attention to obvious things, you will see signs of betrayal.

Other signs of cheating on a wife

There are many signs of adultery wife. Before blaming a woman for treason, it is important to find out the truth for sure, to find the right signs. But truth is not always necessary, because it is not easy to find out about a loved one. But if this is a matter of honor for you, then it is easy to recognize adultery:

  • she doesn't need you. If before she did not go shopping herself, did not go in for sports or walk alone, but suddenly your company is no longer interesting to her, then someone replaces you. Maybe she wants to be alone. But if independence is atypical for her, then there is a chance of an opponent;

There is an expression: "If a woman no longer screams and does not make tantrums, you have lost her." Think about it before you enjoy peace and tranquility.

  • she is not angry. Previously, if you did not meet her, did not want to go out together with her friends, she was angry, but now - no. Previously, every step you took was under her control, but now she doesn’t care. You may have been delighted, but this is an alarming symptom;
  • wife became secretive. She does not talk about her impressions of the day, but to find out something you have to get into her phone or laptop;
  • she is interested in you.When you ask a question to her how the day went, she gives a short answer, but she asks in detail about your affairs;
  • wife often praises you. She gives compliments on and without cause. Yes, it's nice, but this behavior is an indicator of the desire to make amends for yourself, to rehabilitate yourself in your eyes.

Cheating wife. What to do

What to do with cheating wife? How to behave? How to cope? It is important to objectively evaluate yourself. It is difficult when jealousy and the fear of loss cloud the mind, remain impartial. Often, something that does not exist is invented, or absolutely obvious moments are not seen, their meaning is not understood. Do not hide your head in the sand. Such behavior is expensive, because you lose time when there is a chance to change something. There is also a reverse situation, when relationships break down due to a crisis. Jealousy, with or without a foundation, is something with which it is difficult to deal with and adequately respond.

Not everyone is able to forgive treason. If you decide on this step, consider all the nuances, determine if the relationship is worth it.

You should not be suspicious paranoid. If you need, you will definitely find signs of treason.Did her behavior change? Find an adequate explanation first. Think about it, do you have any reason to suspect your wife or is this groundless jealousy? So it is required to analyze suspicions:

  • if you think your wife is lying to you, then, without expressing suspicion, ask if she is doing well. Note that she sometimes behaves strangely, remember examples. Note that you are interested in the reason. You want it to be sincere. Help her talk about what is causing her anxiety. By behavior, it becomes clear whether the wife changes, or is it just a temporary disruption in the relationship;
  • if you have adequate grounds to believe that you are being changed, then there is no need to threaten and accuse. After all, if you make a mistake, the woman will assume that you do not believe her. It is better to go for a ruse and say: “I know everything” or “Do you want to tell me something?” Perhaps these are not active actions, but it is better to approach such a topic with caution;
  • you have found evidence and are sure that you are being cheated. Tell about it, and also about what you are going to do next. Retrieve the visual evidence that will benefit the court;
  • try to forgive.Betrayal is terrible, but this is the ground for reflection. You must understand that the cause of betrayal is the problem in the relationship, in you. But this does not justify such an act.

How do you know if your wife is cheating on you?

If you find out about treason, there are a number of questions you should ask yourself:

  • Can you trust the person again? If you answer negatively, then you should not stay together. If it's positive - take time, but you accept the situation and forgive. You should tell her that trust is difficult to restore, but time can help;
  • why did she do that? If the wife does not answer the question, you should reflect on her honesty. If she notes that this is because of a relationship problem with you, that is something to work on;
  • Is it worth giving a second chance? If you forget about her deception, give a new chance, then tell it to her when you can. Understand what pushed her to this act. Sometimes it's a stupid mistake. But if there is a reason, and the wife does not say anything, a second chance is in doubt;

We all make mistakes, but this does not mean that cheating is an acceptable act. If the wife blames herself, repents, asks for forgiveness, then settle for a second chance. But remember that such a wound heals for a long time.Decide for yourself whether you can live on and not remember it every day.

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