How I acquired lumber

Hello. Today I would like to share with you how I acquired lumber. In general, you should tell a little about my background. It is necessary to begin with the fact that I needed wooden lining for construction. I was going to build a small house for myself. I was pretty skeptical about the fact that you can buy quality materials online.

Although this is the way recommended to me by friends. After wandering around the market, I realized that merchants are just trying to cash in on poor people by selling low-quality materials at clearly inflated prices. It was then that I went to the website of the company les-kodru, which is located at

Clicking on the link, I found the lining, so necessary for me. I ordered it quite a lot, so I really liked that the company offered me a convenient delivery to the construction site. At the same time, this service cost me quite a reasonable amount. Much cheaper than if I would buy everything on the market, and then rent a car for delivery on my own.

My construction took place in the winter. I asked in some companies.So it turned out that they do not deliver at all in the cold season. At first, it upset me a little. After all, I needed lumber right now and not a week later.

Well, the les-kordu organization was able to faithfully fulfill my large order, and I proceeded with the construction without delay. I really liked the quality of the lumber provided. I first of all got acquainted with thematic articles on the company's resource. They largely allowed me to make the right choice.

All prices are presented in a single file. Be sure to download it for better visibility. Be sure to watch some videos to be as informed as possible. In order to make your first order, just call the numbers on the website. Here you will be answered by a competent operator who will help place an order in the shortest possible time.

You can agree with him the terms of delivery, the final amount of payment. It should be borne in mind that the delivery is valid only within the Kiev region. It is possible that in the near future geography will be expanded. True, this restriction did not affect me in any way, because my summer cottage is located a few kilometers from Kiev.

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