How I spent the summer: 17 compositions of pets

Pets along with us were waiting for the warm season to set off in the countryside. But how this four-legged summer turned out, they will tell and show themselves - with the help of the hosts, of course. See photos and read the stories of dogs, cats and even domestic fox!

Poodle Mitya, hostess Elena Chernykh

Photo: Helena Chernykh personal archive

My name is Mitya, I am 2 years old and every summer I can not wait to travel to the country! I like to gather there, running after the owners. I control whether they have taken everything, have they forgotten my toy and a bag of sweets. Well, the collar and leash are worn, and we get into the car, which I also love very much. A trip with a breeze to the country does not allow me to fall asleep. The long-awaited turn, stop and here it is, Freedom !!! Here I come off in full! A lot of things, it is impossible to rest for a moment. Bypassing the whole territory, her guard from everyone passing by and asking me sweetly not to bark so loudly. Moles in burrows, birds in beds. Everyone needs to show that the owner has arrived!

Heat!!! Water!!! The pool is good, but you want something bigger and cooler. Here, finally, again the leash, and we run to the lake! So the day flies by, the second - and it's time for us to go home. The last round, and the trip from the dacha is already knocking down: just sitting on the arms in the car, I fall and fall asleep. I will wait for the next weekend and again go to the country!

Timosha, hostess Ruslana Smelova

Photo: Ruslana Smelova personal archive

Hello, my name is Timosha, I am a half-breed toy terrier and sneeze hua. Summer is my favorite season, because together with my mistress I spend the whole weekend in nature. She and I ride in a motorboat, I love it very much. And, of course, we sunbathe together.

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