How much does it cost to build a pool in the country and how to save 20% on the construction of a stationary pool

For many, a summer house is an opportunity to take a break from the city’s rhythm. Enjoy the nature, fresh air. It's good if there is a river nearby, or a lake. So that you can dip into the cool water on a hot day. But what to do when the pond is far away? on your site.

What you need to build and how much this venture can cost

The cost consists of the price of the pool itself, or materials for its construction. Prices for additional accessories (pump, filter, awning, litter). The cost of additional work. The attraction of technology, specialists. It all depends on the type and volume of the pool.

Inflatable pool

The cheapest option and the most simple installation. The specific price depends on the size, manufacturer, outlet, region.

For example, a pool with a diameter of 244 centimeters and a depth of 76 centimeters costs about 2 thousand rubles. Without the cost of the filter, pump and other necessary things. A pool with a diameter of 457 centimeters and a depth of 107 centimeters will cost about 14 thousand rubles. Together with the filter, water pump and litter.

Additional costs for installation such a pool does not require. It is enough to choose an even surface. Inflate the pool. Fill it with water and you can splash. The water in it heats up from the sun. Additional water heating is not required.

It is important to know. The inflatable pool does not last long. Under the influence of the sun it spoils in 2 - 3 seasons. It can easily be damaged by the claws of your pet. You can use it only in the warm season.

Frame Pool

Will cost a little more than his inflatable fellow.

For example, a pool with a diameter of 457 centimeters and a depth of 122 centimeters costs about 25 thousand rubles. This, together with a litter, a ladder filter, an awning and a pump. Installing a frame pool requires additional costs.

Under such a pool it is necessary to prepare a level platform.First, you need to pour it with rubble in a layer of 5 centimeters. Then pour sand in the same layer, ram it. Top should be laid foam. Only then collect the pool.

Rubble and sand cost an average of 1 thousand rubles per cubic meter. Polyfoam - 100 rubles per sheet.

How much material is needed will depend on the size of the site.

You can fill the base with concrete. But, then, the cost of sand and rubble will be added to the cost of cement.

If you make the site yourself, then the cash costs end there. And if you hire specialists, you will have to pay for the work.

Water heating system for the frame pool is also not needed. The sun will do well with this.

It is necessary to take into account.The sides of the frame pool are fragile and cannot be supported on them. Install a frame pool should be strictly horizontal. Its walls can not withstand even a small skew. It is necessary to disassemble the frame before winter.

Stationary pool

Its construction will be much more expensive than the installation of a frame, or inflatable version. The capacity of the main pool is made of bricks, blocks, or reinforced concrete.

For example, a concrete pool 6 meters long, 4 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep, is tiled.

In the Moscow region, its construction will be released about 1 million rubles. Approximately the cost of a studio apartment in the province.

It's very difficult to build such a structure on your own. So you have to invite specialists and use the technique.

Stages of construction and cost:

  • To dig a pit and remove the soil will cost about 60 thousand rubles;
  • Prepare the foundation and build a concrete bath will cost about 400 thousand rubles;
  • The waterproofing and cladding will have to spend about 300 thousand rubles;
  • Purchase and installation of equipment (filters, pump, heating system) will cost about 200 thousand rubles;
  • The price includes the cost of materials and work.

The capital pool will last for many years. The pool bowl can be given any shape. It can be used in the winter. True, this will have to build a pavilion over the pool. And it also costs money.

Warning!A concrete, brick, or block pool absorbs heat strongly. To maintain the desired water temperature, do not do without a heating system. This increases the cost of electricity.

For the manufacture of the pool bath, you can use blocks of foam (permanent formwork). Compared with brick or concrete, foam retains heat longer than water. This makes it less likely to heat water and waste less electricity.

One option is a polypropylene pool

Such a pool can be put on the surface, or buried in the ground.

To install a polypropylene pool on the surface, you need to prepare a platform. It is prepared the same way as for a frame pool.

In addition, you need to buy extruded polystyrene foam. They bowl obkladyvaetsya outside to improve insulation.

Then, you need to give the pool additional strength and rigidity. For this, a bath is made around the bath. It can be from concrete, or from metal. For metal construction, a profile tube is usually used.

Important!If the frame is made of concrete, then wooden spacers must be placed inside the bathtub. They will not allow to deform the bowl while pouring the frame.

And the last stage - the finish. The metal frame can be sheathed with wood, plastic panels.Concrete can be tiled with tiles, or other options can be used.

Polypropylene pool cost

The cost of building a polypropylene pool on the surface:

  1. Capacity purchase.
  2. Site preparation.
  3. Truck crane services (to set the bowl in place).
  4. Making the frame.
  5. Finishing the pool.
  6. Purchase and installation of additional equipment.
  7. If specialists are involved, then pay for their services.

The construction of a basin sunk into the ground is different only in preparing the pit.

If, in the example with a concrete pool, you apply not a tile finish, but a polypropylene bowl, you’ll have:

  • Capacity for a pool of polypropylene with a length of 6 meters, a width of 4 meters and a depth of 1.5 meters costs about 150 thousand rubles;
  • preparation of the pit approximately 60 thousand rubles;
  • concrete frame and pool area - 400 thousand rubles;
  • additional equipment about 200 thousand rubles.

It turns out around 800 thousand rubles. Savings of 200 thousand, or 20%

In addition, construction time is reduced. No need for waterproofing and finishing the bowl.

Why polypropylene

It has properties that are necessary for a quality pool:

  • Durable material. Good withstands shocks and other mechanical loads;
  • not destroyed and does not fade under the action of the sun. Its color retains about 20 years;
  • it is not affected by acids and alkalis. What is important for the installation of an outdoor pool:
  • The inner surface of the pool tank does not slip. What is important when bathing;
  • Polypropylene withstands temperatures from +60 to -50 degrees. This allows you not to drain the water for the winter;
  • any additional equipment can be mounted on such a pool;
  • absorbs little heat. The water in the pool remains warm for a long time;
  • does not absorb water. So, no additional waterproofing is required;
  • for a bowl of polypropylene, you can choose any shape;
  • It serves such a pool for about 50 years.

Build a swimming pool under the force of anyone. It all depends on the imagination and financial capabilities. You can learn more about prices on any and get advice, which is usually free. It is important to always find out the value under your conditions, regardless of what is written on the site.It is very important what the size of the pool will be, finishing materials and even the terms will influence the price.

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