How not to get rotavirus

The main route of infection is if the virus is swallowed along with dirty water (from the sea, heated pool), with food (the conveyor of the coastal catering), through dirty hands.

In 90% of cases, children fall ill, less often - adults.

The danger is not the virus of the intestinal flu itself, but those severe symptoms that occur during infection:

� Persistent vomiting

� Diarrhea,

� Fever in the patient,

� And as a result - dehydration of the body with a threat to life.

What can be done before the ambulance arrives? Be sure to give a sick child a small amount of water every 10 minutes (1-1.5 tsp.), If there are no strong emetic urges, 45-60 ml each. clean (boiled) water every half hour. Ordinary water can be replaced with salt solutions, which will help not only to compensate for the lack of fluid as such, but also contain some mineral substances (glucose, sodium chlorine, etc.), which are also necessary to maintain the body's balance.

There are several options for the prevention of morbidity:

� Children up to eight months old can be vaccinated (it is not included in the mandatory vaccination calendar, therefore it is paid), it does not provide 100% protection, but provides an easier course of the disease in case of infection

� Minimize child visits to public places,

� Wash hands more often

� Use antiseptics for hands,

� Keep toys and baby dishes clean.

Such simple prevention will protect you from the disease. And the measures taken in time during the illness will ensure its easier course and speedy recovery from the illness.

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