How not to respond to the changing nature of a pregnant woman

Read the literature on the effects of hormones on the female body during pregnancy. As soon as you learn how hard it is for a woman to change hormonal background, you will immediately stop paying attention to her quirks, mood swings, whims.
Turn everything into a joke. Only not always out loud. Maybe for you a broken nail is not a problem, but for your pregnant wife this is a tragedy on a global scale. Do not laugh at her out loud, smile to yourself, and take pity to your spouse.
Count to ten silently. This is an old psychological trick. When you are on the verge of flaming and quarreling, close your eyes, count to ten and exhale sharply. An attack of aggression and anger should let go. Remember that a pregnant woman requires attention, while not knowing exactly what she wants at one time or another.Do not try to understand it, just love and take it for granted.
Talk to your mom. In the end, she gave birth to you. Who, if not her, knows how difficult this time is in life and how it affects character. Perhaps learning about the quirks your mom visited while she was carrying you would make it easier for you to tolerate the change in the character of your spouse.
Reassure yourself that this is a temporary phenomenon. Since the change in the nature of a woman during pregnancy depends on the hormonal background, you can console yourself with the fact that after giving birth the spouse will return to normal and become the same. Perhaps it will be easier for you to endure the squabbling, hysterical, and whimsical nature of your wife.
Abstracted from the situation. In critical moments, when you no longer have the strength to endure, just think about something detached. For example, about what you need to do tomorrow without fail, and what matters can still wait. Remember that spouse pregnancy is your merit too, and you are to blame for changing her behavior and character. Do not swear and do not be annoyed. After all, you just need to go through this period, and your wife also give birth.
Do not try to please your wife in everything.First, it still won't work. A pregnant woman does not always understand what she specifically wants, and how to behave in this or that situation. Do not try to guess what to please her. There is a risk that you will fall under the reproaches of misunderstanding. Patiently wait for the spouse to decide. Secondly, she will get used to it. You may get bored after a while to be a henpecked. Just love your wife, protect her in this difficult period, help her.

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