To what age do people grow?

Irina Vashchenko
Irina Vashchenko
February 1, 2013
To what age do people grow?

Sometimes when watching tall children you ask yourself a question - up to what age do people grow up?

Scientists have in this case some approximate figures. According to some data, the growth of girls stops at 19-20 years, boys - 22-23 years. The average age of termination of a person's height is 20-21 years.

There are exceptions to each rule - there are many examples of children who stopped growing at the age of 16, and there are also examples of actively growing people up to 40 years old.

The same scientists concluded that the peak height of girls is 11 years old (at this time they add up to 9 cm per year), the peak height of boys is 13 years old (the annual increase in height is 10 cm).

With age, the height of a person decreases - by the age of 60, on average the growth decreases by 2-2.5 cm (relative to the average age), by the age of 80 a person decreases 7-8 cm.

About 80% of all people on Earth grows to 25 years, and 70% of growth hormone the body secretes at night. Conclusion - under-sleeping children can lag behind their peers in growth.

A number of important factors are heredity, as well as hormonal status, diet, geographical environment, climatic conditions, psycho-emotional state of a person and the presence of chronic diseases.

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