How to collect ships?

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How to collect ships?

A ship in a bottle - on the one hand, an original and expensive gift, and on the other - a work of art. Looking at him, you involuntarily ask yourself a question - how could a ship be placed in a bottle, and who, if not a wizard, was able to do that? It turns out, everything is quite simple. Then we will tell how to collect ships that can so surprising.

Assembly principle

Easy way

The easiest way is to create a folding sailboat. To do this, at the base of the mast hide a small hinge that will allow you to tilt and fold it along the hull of the sailboat. In this form, the model will quietly pass through the neck of the bottle. In addition, the rigging threads are made so long that their ends are outside the bottle.

When the ship is in the bottle and a little straightened, you need to pull the strings in order to align the sail. After that, all the connections should be glued and the excess threads cut off.

If we talk about the fixation of the ship in the bottle, then there may be several options. The first option is to place the ship on a special stand,and another option is to fill the bottle with blue tinted epoxy resin and fix the base of the ship on it (then the lower part will be in the water).

In this case, at the bottom of the bottle will be a small ship.

Tricky way

If you want to put a more volumetric construction in the bottle, then much more effort will be required than in the previous case. The layout remains the same, but straightening a ship with a lot of sails will be harder. Some craftsmen use tools with long handles for this and piecemeal them to assemble a ship in a bottle. But for this it is necessary several times to disassemble and assemble a model of a ship outside the vessel, and then try to stack it in the bottle itself. In this case, you must be a shipbuilding jeweler.

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