How to a woman to build a career dream

1. Clearly define where you are going.

As the old Russian proverb says, “chasing two hares you won't catch a single one.” Spraying at once to several directions is not the best idea. You can never succeed in any of them, and in the end, having experienced great disappointment, to completely give up trying to do something. You should clearly define where you want to be in 3-5-10 years, and concentrate on achieving exactly this goal. Otherwise, you, unfortunately, instead of climbing the career ladder, gently roll down.

2. Ask and give advice

Do not be afraid to give up slack and seek advice from your colleagues. By chance, they may be well aware of the topic you are interested in, give you the necessary contacts or recommend a good article. But also be prepared to respond with good to good and give advice or assist yourself if asked about it. Make connections for the future so that in case of something you already know who to turn to.

3"To stay in place, you must run"

This quote is more relevant than ever in our crazy time. Everything around is changing at the speed of light, and someone has time to adapt, while others do not. The latter, unfortunately, remain overboard. That is why it is so important to constantly learn something new and immediately implement it in the work.

4. Ambition is good

In our society there is a stereotype about the "punishability of the initiative", although this is not the case. It is pro-activity and the desire to act that distinguish a successful employee from his less successful colleagues. Therefore, you should take your life with your own hands and take the risk. It is better to try and make a mistake than to sit unnoticed. And what if you still succeed?

5. Be self-sufficient

The center of your own universe should not be work, but you. Only by finding a balance between all important areas of life, such as family, health, friendship, etc., can you consider your life stable.

6. Do what you love

Try to love your work, and not do it anyway. And in parallel, look for a favorite thing and achieve the desired. Turn your work into pleasure, and success will not take long.

7Plan horizontal career moves

Career does not necessarily imply a constant climb to the tops. Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone, when you begin to engage in a related activity, expands your horizons vision of the company and the industry as a whole.

8. Simplify

Very often, the surest solution is the simplest. If you are not sure that you understood the task set before you, just ask again. Do not waste precious time thinking, act. Do not complicate everything and eliminate doubts.

9. Build and manage the right communications.

Learn to speak beautifully, listen carefully and convincingly finish your thought, because 80% of all working time we spend in communication. So, our success depends on the ability to competently communicate.

10. Focus on priority objectives.

Learn to think through every step towards achieving your goals. Do not try to grab everything at once, such useless multitasking does not work. Give the maximum of time and effort to the important, and do the rest in the remaining time and using possible efforts.Remember the Pareto principle: 20% of actions give 80% of the result.

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