How to apply highlighter?


The cosmetic industry is developing at the speed of light. Women in their own power have a lot of cosmetics to care for the appearance. But a lot of choice entails the other side of the coin, when girls do not understand how to apply the highlighter or the rest of the cosmetics for visual correction. In the article we will consider the methods of applying the claimed product of cosmetic production.

What is and why highlighter?

Highlighter in English means a selection, a bright spot. This is a decorative cosmetic product that is used in the phase of sculpting the facial contours.

Depending on the make-up style, the highlighter is used at the initial stage and at the final stage of transformation.

Unlike the corrector, it serves to highlight the right places. It is applied to those places that need to be increased and made larger. In addition, using this decorative cosmetics can be performed:

masking of defects: irregularities, wrinkles and other flaws;
give the skin radiance, freshness and visual evenness;
hide the make-up errors that were allowed when applying the remaining decorative and cosmetic products.

All these “bonuses” are possible thanks to the small reflective units in the highlighter structure. They refract the rays falling on them and reproduce the play of light rays.

Unlike other tinting substances, there are no large spangles in the composition and there are: natural mother-of-pearl or micronized mica. These substances impart masking possibilities to cosmetics.

How to apply highlighter?

Highlighter does not have sufficient density, so it distracts from flaws more than hides. The consistency of the highlighter is different and, depending on this, the density and the covering feature are different.

Dry- more often dense substance in the form of lumps. Less often - crumbly. Apply using a fluffy brush made from natural or artificial hair. For each zone of the face there are their brushes, which differ in the length of the pile.

This kind of cosmetics is used in the form of a finishing touch in the daytime make-up.

Soft- made in the form of mousse, creamy mass, mastic or other consistency. It is applied as a fat correction at the very beginning of the image creation. With its help, expressive features are created. It is used more often by professionals: make-up artists and make-up artists, since it densely lays on the surface and is difficult to apply.

Liquid- produced in the form of sprays or gels. Cosmetics combines the ability of a light-reflecting base for make-up and haylayter. It is applied to certain areas and the entire surface of the face. Due to the versatility, the highlighting features are reduced.

Pencil or Cayal- according to the technology of application it reminds concealer. It also highlights the problem areas, but unlike the concealer, it does not hide, but masks.

How to apply highlighter?

In addition to texture, the highlighters differ in color.

White, light beige cold shade, silver.The most common color that is popular with women of all color types. Makeup artists are advised to buy it for learning how to use a highlighter.
Pink and Lilac. Suitable for skin of a coldish-pink tone. Reflective particles give youth and freshness.Do not use the girls olive and dark skin. He ages them.
Golden or peach.Allows you to highlight the beauty of dark skin, gives it shine. It is excluded to use on dairy and porcelain surfaces. On it, it is too noticeable and creates a mask effect.

Why apply a highlighter?

The possibilities of the highlighter are known, but it is worth looking at them in more detail. The task of this cosmetics is to highlight and attract attention.

If you want to hide a rash, bruises, wrinkles or scars on the skin, use other means.

Otherwise, you only focus on them. What is highlighted by the highlighter becomes noticeable and comes to the fore. To eliminate negative effects, avoid applying or use dosed on such areas as:

The middle of the forehead.With the highlighter, it becomes convex, which is visually accepted as a sign of youth. The width of the light spot can visually narrow or widen the height and width of the forehead.
Corners of the eyes on the inside.The application of a highlighter to the bridge of the nose and these zones visually expands closely-set eyes and thinens the bridge of the nose.Thanks to this you will hide traces of fatigue.
The area under the eyebrow or above the eyebrow.You will emphasize the arc of the eyebrows, visually lift them up and make your eyes open. Cosmetics hides small hairs that are knocked out of the total mass.
The back of the nose.It is applied by a straight line, due to which part of the face becomes thinner and more elegant. With it, you can create the effect of a raised nose, if you hold a short strip. If you hold the strip to the end, the nose will become visually longer.

How to apply highlighter?

CheekbonesLightening the bulging part creates the effect of youthfulness and youthfulness. When the bones are highlighted, the area of ​​the cheekbones becomes hollow. Because of this, the cheeks become hollow, which is now recognized as a fashion. Conduct the high roller in the most prominent places. This allows you to hide the darkening under the eyes.
Lip contourLightening the upper line of the lips, you make it visually expressive and convex.

If you apply the highlighter strictly in the middle of the lower lip line and shade it to the edges, you will add volume to it.

To get the maximum result, put it on top of a matte lipstick or balm.

Chin- lighten this area when you want to create the appearance of an elongated face. Completely correct the chin with the help of haylayter not work.Use a dark color corrector for this purpose.
Clavicle.You will create a relief surface that emphasizes thinness and subtleness. Apply a highlighter when you need to wear a light dress or swamp on thin spaghetti straps.
Decollete.You can visually add breast volume and make it more seductive and attractive.
Shoulders.Looks particularly advantageous on tanned shoulders. Highlighter, highlighting the shoulders, beautifully emphasizes in the context of evening dress.

These are not all zones that make-up artists apply a highlighter. It is applied to all strategically important parts: decorative areas in body art, press blocks from competing athletes. In everyday life, it is often used to create evening makeup, a festive image.

How to apply highlighter?

In daytime makeup in summer or late spring, it should be applied with care. The body is sweating and in addition with a shiny layer looks losing. Without fear, only owners of perfect skin can apply. The thinnest layer of a fluffy brush, as if in a veil layer, creates a glowing effect. At the same time there is no vulgar and oily shine.

Technique: how to apply correctly?

After you have learned the theoretical descriptions and methods of application, you can begin to master the methods of applying the highlighter. There are many subtleties of this process and each of them must be observed.

Only in this way makeup will be of high quality and will not damage the image, but will become its decoration. It is important, before applying the highlighter, to understand that the tool is right for you and corresponds to the type of appearance.

Bring back to normal skin condition, so that it shines with health. If these points are observed, you can start applying.

This should be done in sequence.

Clean the skin, then apply a basic base under makeup. As a base, use different cosmetics: moisturizing, with silicone, matting.
Cover lips with nutritious balm. By the last stage of applying makeup, it will be absorbed and eliminate peeling and dryness on the lips, which are incompatible with the highlighter.
Medium-density foundation is applied on top of the base. When using a highlighter it is important to choose the color of the foundation correctly. It should correspond to the shade of the skin.
Sculpture the face should be immediately before the imposition of evening makeup. Use a gel or cream highlighter, applying and blending with the available tool. Each girl chooses her own tool: a flat brush made of artificial villi, sponge. Some use their own fingers. Choose a method that suits you.

How to apply highlighter?

To emphasize and delineate the shape of the cheekbones, nose, you can use a wet highlighter. It is applied to areas: between the eyebrows, on the area above the upper lip, along the nose and on the chin. Caution should be exercised when allocating the nose. Make the line smooth, as the slightest deviation will create the illusion of a broken nose.

To narrow the nose, apply a light tone on the nose and back. Paint the wings of the nose in a darker shade with foundation. You can shorten the nose if you apply a tool of light tone on the nose bridge, and a darker one on the tip. The borders of the light areas must be gently shaded, without going far beyond the established zones.

Highlight the cheekbones, using cosmetics to hold horizontal stripes directed from the temple to the nose.

To determine the application area, place the lamp over your head. Draw lines where the light falls. When shading, it is necessary to observe boundaries in order not to create the effect of round cheeks.

Before make-up, powder your face with crumbly powder. Choose a tone that is as close as possible to the foundation or has a transparent texture.

After working on the makeup, use the highlighter again. This option uses cosmetics dry texture. It is applied with two brushes with natural bristles. One medium width. The second is a small form.

Apply a small brush to the inner corners of the eyes. To shade should be in the direction of the nose and the middle of the upper eyelid. Another should clarify the area in the middle of the upper eyelids. Rastushuyte means and create an image of a bulk glare, which looks like part of the makeup, and not a separate component.

With the same brush, take the highlighter and draw a line that reproduces the bend of the eyebrows. The application area is the area from the middle of the rise and to the peak moment of the break below the hair growth and the line of the pencil.

Use a wide brush to distribute the product on the prominent areas of the cheekbones, that is, where the moist highlighter was already applied. Waves should be smooth, diagonal from the nose to the temporal region.

It is not necessary to apply a dry consistency on the nose bridge, as this may cause the impression of shine from sweat. In addition, you will attract unnecessary attention to this area and distract it from the right zones.

The next zone is the mouth. Corrected nasolabial folds. Powder is applied on top. Put a dot above the upper sponge at the bend point and blend it along the upper lip line.

At this time, the balm has already been soaked, so you can apply makeup in the center of the lower lip.

Gently drag your finger to get a visual effect of volume and light shine. If the makeup involves applying lipstick, a highlighter is applied on top.

The decision to apply for hailer every girl takes on her own. It is worth considering the shape of the face. If it is elongated, it is worth refusing illumination. If the shape of the face is round - lightning slightly stretch it.

Apply a dry highlighter at the very end of the makeup. It is the final touch. If you followed all the tips, the image that appeared in the mirror should please. Face acquires relief and expressiveness. You will hide the extra volume and emphasize the benefits. At the same time, wrinkles become invisible.

How to apply highlighter?

There are a lot of cosmetics on the shelves. You can buy anything your soul desires. Moreover, the abundance of shiny and colorful packages attracts attention, and the helpfulness of sellers makes you want to buy everything at once.

It is difficult to give up temptation and many, when acquiring money, do not understand that for use it is necessary to have knowledge. What to do in this case? Call a friend or look for information on the Internet? Everyone has their own characteristics, so not all schemes of applying cosmetics are suitable.

Makeup artists are reluctant to share their experience, preferring to leave the glory of a magician behind them. We offer a different approach. Study your own body and master the makeup technique in accordance with your own qualities.

Experience proves that it is more difficult to master the technique of sculpture. We talked about how to apply the highlighter, as it is one of the most sought-after representatives of the cosmetics market.

Heiliter is not in vain considered a favorite tool for make-up artists who prepare movie artists and photomodels. In the capable hands of the girl, he will become an indispensable thing.Just use correctly and know the sense of proportion. Learn, experiment, the experience will allow you to create a pleasant image and give the skin a glowing look.

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