How to beat depression

How to treat depression?

For the treatment of mild depression, antidepressants will not be required.

Easy depression and subdepressive states are the same story when life flows like everyone else, but something interferes every day, like a grain of sand in shoes: it seems you can go further, but all the time you have to think about how disgusting it rubs skin

So with depression: there seems to be no unbearable longing, and living is sick.

And here non-drug methods can help: for example, you can search for a sport that you like. Do some work for the soul, which has been postponed for a long time because of the important lessons. It can be even cross-stitching, even traveling to the ends of the earth. Communication with animals works especially well. Therefore, if there is no allergy to wool and other organic matter, it makes sense to ride a horse, to have a dog or a parrot, to take a restless cat from the shelter. And the volunteer activity also helps. Helping other people, people often rethink their lives. It's trite, and it works.And with the anxious component of depression, meditation and breathing practices (pranayama) will help.

It makes sense to take antidepressants for moderate and severe depressions. Psychotherapists speak negatively of the “pills of happiness,” arguing that de pills, according to randomized clinical trials, are inferior in effectiveness of psychotherapy. And indeed it is.

Antidepressants: absolute evil or good?

But back to the realities of Russian medicine.

Despite the higher education and opportunities offered by the Internet, people continue to watch programs with Gennady Malakhov and google folk recipes from feces and branches in the sincere hope that this is the secret of good health

Of the ten hypertensive people who come to me daily for a physical examination, at best one simply forgot to take the morning pressure pills. The other nine sing the familiar song “Achotakov, I don’t feel any pressure”, while the impartial tonometer shows sinister figures. Most ordinary people who work as managers, teachers, engineers, drivers, and go to city clinics are still medically illiterate.

How to beat depression

How do you explain to them the need to spend a lot of money on psychotherapy? No If the doctor takes in one of the peripheral campuses, it will be problematic to refer the patient to a good psychotherapist - there simply are not. The poor fellow will be offered inept Hellinger setups, they will try to close him some gestalts or simply sympathetically leave the head, pretending that they are recording something; at the end of the reception, they will blame the patient’s cruel mother, who forced him to wear a hat in April and thereby inflicted an irreparable psychological trauma, which, of course, can be treated - come back in three days, 5,000 rubles, thank you.

Therefore, I am sure: antidepressants cannot be considered absolute evil. They can be an excellent “crutch” for the patient, help him get out of a depressive state. Of course, subject to a trusting relationship with your doctor and strict adherence to all prescriptions. That is, it is necessary to somehow live without alcohol, not to miss pills, honestly drink the drug for 3–6 months (and maybe longer), go to the doctor’s office to assess the dynamics, sometimes get tested - in general, to live tedious life of an exemplary patient.Because the self-termination of taking "happiness pills" can lead to such withdrawal syndrome that life will not be nice.

As soon as it was possible to achieve improvement with the help of pills, you need to start thinking about how to stay in this beautiful state. Antidepressants will help to paint the world out of gloomy grayness back to different colors. They will reduce apathy, which means it's time to think about the situation that led to depression (if the depression is not endogenous) and how it can be resolved: start living separately from parents with whom it is difficult to find a common language, divorce a drunk husband, go to school on a profession that has always attracted, instead of the one that had to be taken out of necessity.

How to beat depression

If depression is accompanied by thoughts of suicide, her treatment is carried out only in a psychiatric hospital. This is not a whim of the Ministry of Health, but quite a logical decision. Here the patient in severe depression begins to drink antidepressants. Apathy leaves him earlier than longing and desire to commit suicide. And this means that there are forces to carry out our plans.

That is why, if you heard from a close person what was said as if between times “I see no reason to live,” you should not flirt with traditional methods of treatment or comfort yourself that this is a whim.You do not need to give him antidepressants, which helped her aunt Klava's neighbor, and she gave you the remaining half-packs. Need as quickly as possible to persuade a person to come to the doctor

What is baby blues

For some reason, the situation when a woman after childbirth becomes indifferent, lethargic and cares for the baby only within the limits of what it needs to be dry and well-fed, and does not feel the need to express tenderness, joy and other positive emotions, is perceived by many as the norm.

Prolactin - a hormone that provides the formation of milk, creates amazing with the female brain. On the day of the arrival of milk, its level suddenly rises to incredible values. And this hormonal extravaganza very often confuses neurotransmitter metabolism in the brain. As a result, everything happens: from postpartum psychosis, when a woman imagines that her baby has been replaced by aliens, to postpartum depression, when everything seems to be going right and the baby is well-fed according to the weight tables for ideal babies, but the young mother looks wistfully at an open window, wondering how it would be nice to go out and stop the unbearable sadness.

How to beat depression

Relatives usually see that something is wrong with the young mother. But at best, their assistance is limited to walks with the baby, so that mother can sleep an hour or two. Maybe he'll sleep and come to his senses. All the same, it’s stupid to go to the doctor - the woman is breastfeeding, which means that no pills are possible and nothing at all, there is nothing to visit the doctors and think about yourself. Have you given birth? Now forget about yourself and think only about weight gain and color of baby poop, as well as how to produce more breast milk.

And this is a mistake, the consequences of which will have to be mopped up for a long time. Because the mother, who has had postpartum depression, does not give the child enough positive emotions. It is regular communication, eye-to-eye contact, endless kisses of infant heels and other tactile joys that a child needs in order to develop normally. Without the emotional chatter of the mother and her gentle touch, it is difficult for the baby to perceive the new.

Considering that the child sees the mother most of all in the first years of life (in our country, the fathers still do not consider that they should be engaged in the child on an equal footing with the mother), this threatens to delay mental development

Today there are effective ways to treat postpartum depression.There are antidepressants compatible with breastfeeding. There is psychotherapy. The doctor will be able to find a solution that will help maintain breastfeeding and at the same time cope with postpartum depression.

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