How to buy cheap apartment in Tyumen

But regardless of whether you contact the agency or not, you will have to make some concessions to buy low-cost real estate. And you have several ways to do this. Firstly, it is possible to purchase cheaper that living space that needs repairs (that is, it is not in the best condition or, if it is new, it requires a full finish). However, having saved in this way on an apartment, you can spend more money than you thought on for repairs.
Consider in advance whether you will buy a new apartment or in the secondary market. Both options have their own “pitfalls”. If you find no longer a new apartment, but at a fairly low price, you should not rush to execute documents. Perhaps the seller of housing thus compensates for some significant shortcomings (not the most reliable neighbors, poor communications, wiring, remote from the nearest stops, the location of the house, and so on).
The next option - buying a home in a house under construction. True, there is one major drawback. You can wait for settlement for a long time. Yes, and the developer should be chosen very carefully, otherwise you can contact not a reliable company, but to scammers.
If the realtor or the direct owner of the property tells you about another buyer, who offers, allegedly, a large amount, you should not trust him blindly. Surely he is just trying to “squeeze” out of you the amount of funds that you did not count on. Prior to the conclusion of the contract, carefully inspect the apartment, walk through the neighborhood of the houses. You may find some significant flaw. Operating with some data while negotiating the cost of housing, you can “knock down” the price and make your purchase more profitable.
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Some developers in Tyumen offer the so-called studio apartments. At the cost of such a new home it may even be more profitable than an ordinary apartment from the secondary market. In addition, these apartments are located in modern complexes with excellent infrastructure.An example of a company that is engaged in the creation of houses of various types (and studios including) is “Eco-House”.
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The most long-term way - writing to the queue for free housing. The fact is that the state is trying to quickly provide an apartment for war veterans, emergency residents to go home, and so on. Therefore, especially to rely on this option is not necessary.

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