How to celebrate the first year of birth of the child and not to quarrel with everyone

Personally, I am sure that the birthday of a baby is a celebration of parents. All other relatives, of course, have the right to rejoice with you, but only in the case of mutual consent. Having come close to an exciting date, I realized the following: it is better to inform your relatives in advance about how you are going to celebrate. Speak strictly, confidently, add arguments. Otherwise, the grandmother or grandfather will send a fax with the whole presentation of the holiday: seating guests, a third of whom you do not know, the menu, the scenario of the party and other amenities. Get ready for the fact that your opinion may be considered a bold trick, or even met with a sincere resentment, because the matter is important - the birth of a baby, the presence of which you can trump in front of even more distant relatives.


In fact, I am not against genetic links.I am against the senseless gathering of all and sundry: those who have never inquired about the mood of the child, those who did not offer a single minute of help, those who have never asked to send a photo, but are selfishly proud of their acquired status as an uncle or aunt. I am against a disrespectful attitude towards a small one, but already a personality: do this, do this, say your name, show where mom is. I am opposed to instilling family traditions that I have not invented. And what kind of tradition is it - to compulsorily gather at the table, eat and drink, while the birthday person wants to sit on the floor and play, and parents are not at all interested in knocking down the established regime. It is terrible to imagine how the child will fall asleep after Sabantui: it’s also known that children are instantly expelled from noisy events. But to think about the baby in the right direction is usually not included in the list of established traditions.

Another frequent way to celebrate the first birthday is to collect those who have children who are peers. But in this case you should not flatter yourself. First of all, everyone has different daily dream schedules. Secondly, there will be those who do not like the conditions of the banquet: "You are sure that the house will be convenient, you have a small apartment, and a dog to the same."And thirdly, there is a risk that someone’s son will come to a party with a cold, bring panic, and his parents will become an apple of discord in the company. Restaurants are also not suitable for everyone: someone wants to check your children's room for pollution, and someone will complain that his son does not know how to behave in public places, and you just remind about the unpleasant fact.

How to celebrate the first year of birth of the child and not to quarrel with everyone

Another boom of children's birthdays is the design of a rented studio, where the first anniversary is celebrated. Surely you saw unpretentious walls with a board on which the name, age and achievements of a small man are written with chalk. For example: Matvey, one year old, learned to crawl, collect a pyramid, grab a pet by the tail. Against the background of such a board they put a small table, served with cupcakes and lemonade, with huge balls hanging on the sides, frightening the children, but they are a good background for posing on the phone. This props is completely unreasonable money and looks trite. Usually there is a couple of hours for everything about everything, but they are quite enough to fill your stomach with gluten, put a couple of frames on Instagram and be glad that the money invested is working.

The idea of ​​the foregoing is such that ideally it is impossible to celebrate the first year, and it is not perfect. The little one will have a close circle - mom and dad. Add to them a cake, a couple of new toys, a fun song and loving eyes - a happy moment is guaranteed. Well, during the day, if you're lucky, you will probably receive a modest call from a friend, friend or even a relative who just wants to “drop by half an hour” and hug your whole friendly family, and then you can go down to the shop and remind imagine that the best fees are unplanned.

How to celebrate the first year of birth of the child and not to quarrel with everyone

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