How to choose a steam cleaner?

How to choose a steam cleaner?

How to choose a steam cleaner?

What just is not advertised now in stores selling household appliances. For example, steam cleaners - they clean and wash, and even disinfect! Well, let's see if this device is so useful, and whether to buy it, and try to give recommendations on how to choose a steam cleaner?


A steam cleaner is a device with an integrated steam generator, originally intended only for disinfection in medical institutions. The steam generated by the steam generator is able to destroy allergens, bacteria, microbes, and for this reason it is considered a lifesaver for such institutions. However, now there are quite a few people, such as, for example, allergy sufferers, for whom having a steam cleaner at home will be a real salvation. Only after the creators decided to think about the fact that the device can be used for this group of people, the device turned into a cleaner.To him were released all sorts of brushes, nozzles and steam cleaner turned into a good helper for all housewives. Therefore, the steam cleaner can be attributed to devices "two in one" - it performs both cleaning and disinfection. Environmental compatibility can be called another plus of steam cleaners, since cleaning can be done without using household chemicals. Also, this device is quite economical, since acquiring it once you do not have to spend more. But how to choose a steam cleaner, it is also necessary to be able to.


Types of steam cleaners



First of all, pay attention to the manufacturer. Prefer the best-known and proven brands that everyone has heard. Even with a limited budget, from the models that these brands offer, you will always have the opportunity to choose a sufficiently budget model.


Now is the moment to decide which particular steam cleaner you need specifically. There are 3 different types of steam cleaners - vacuum cleaner, manual and compact.


A steam cleaner / vacuum cleaner will be ideal for professional cleaning.These models are quite effective, powerful, but also quite expensive at the same time. Usually they have cleaning options, both cold and hot steam. If it is more preferable for you to have perfect cleanliness in your house, so that it is best to spend money on the purchase of an expensive assistant in all respects.


Handheld steam cleaner is small in size, it is inexpensive, it is convenient to store and use. As a minus, you can name its weight. The weight of the unit is about two kilograms, and considering that it usually takes a long time to hold it in your hands, this is not so convenient. However, if your plans do not include daily cleaning, and you just need to clean the upholstery, windows in the house, car salon or carpet once a month, then this option would be ideal for you.


Compact models of steam cleaners can be called the golden mean. The pony looks like a vacuum cleaner, the tank with steam on the floor, and you do not need to keep it in your hands all the time.


How to choose a steam cleaner?

How to choose a steam cleaner?


Special attention should be paid to the length of both the cable and the hose. Do not forget that a hose whose length is less than 3 meters will not be practical, since you will not be able to reach the highest point, for example, a window.In addition, it is worth considering a long electrical cord will be useful in your cleaning.


Usually in the package of such models include a set of various nozzles designed for cleaning carpets, all sorts of surfaces in the kitchen, and nozzles for cleaning hard-to-reach places.


Characteristics of steam cleaners



Power is an indicator of the speed of cleaning. The higher power a steam cleaner has, the higher its steam generation, which means that the surface will be cleaned faster. Get better models with a capacity higher than 1000 watts.


Another important and very useful point is the regulation of the humidity of the outgoing steam. You have the option of self-selection of wet steam, which is used to clean up strong dirt and hard surfaces, and dry steam, which is used to clean the fabric surface.


Reservoirs vary in volume from half a liter to several liters. For example, a liter tank may be enough for half an hour of cleaning. Then the water is usually added. We advise, if you do not know how to choose a steam cleaner, it is best to opt for models that have an aluminum water tank, because it is rather heated and more resistant to scale.


Steam pressure is a rather important characteristic of steam cleaners. If the pressure is less than 3 bar, then this pressure is not able to remove the old dirt. Typically, professional models have a pressure of 5 to 7 bar.


The system of protection from small children, steam interlocking, protection valve, all these are very important functions of steam cleaners. It is thanks to them that you will be able to provide a fairly high level of safety and protection, since steam cleaners imply work with very hot steam, and there is the possibility of getting burns.


Advantages and disadvantages of steam cleaners



Naturally, steam cleaners are such devices that can help every mistress. Tiled seams in the bathroom, yellowish bloom, which could not be removed by any household chemical, this steam cleaner will wash off perfectly. They can perfectly wash the floors, even laminate, leaving no residue, it is suitable for both dark and light surfaces.


The use of steam cleaners easily replaces dry cleaning - to clean the car interior, clean the carpet, clean the upholstered furniture, the steam cleaner can easily and effectively handle all this.Worn out pile will rise, spots will be removed. Just keep in mind that the stains are removed by a special method - the hose must be held at an angle of 45 degrees, it can not be driven into the upholstery. The dust cleaner, as well as the air ionizer, will prove to be an excellent helper even where children and people with poor health live, since the steam cleaner is the strongest killer of all sorts of ticks, mold, germs and dust allergens.


Washing windows turn into real pleasure with a steam cleaner. Dirt will be removed very easily, there will be no streaks. You will only need to fill the tank with filtered water, the water supply is not recommended for use under any circumstances.


With the help of cold steam, even flowers are not scary to wash. Exposure to steam also purifies the natural fur, as a result, the nap becomes shiny and clean, and the smell of dampness and roughness disappears. You can also clean the microwave from grease. Sometimes even the inside of the refrigerator is disinfected in this way.


Steam cleaners, as well as other appliances, have, of course, disadvantages. Basically, this is one and only minus - it is not very convenient to wash the stove and oven with this device.

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