How to choose a towel

The choice of towels only at first glance may seem simple and does not require preliminary preparation. And someone can say at all: “what is there to choose, a towel, and it is a towel in Africa”. But in fact, everything is not as simple as it seems.

As we walk past storefronts or browse through catalogs on websites of online stores, many of us first of all pay attention to the appearance of products. Still, today you can find these items for the house of all colors of the rainbow, and also, if you wish, order individual tailoring or embroidery. At this stage, the choice is not as easy as it seemed at the beginning.

But still, with the right choice of this product, first of all you need to pay attention to its composition. Modern technologies and features of production allow you to make home textiles, even from coconut fiber, bamboo or eucalyptus. You can get acquainted with a wide choice of towels by following the link in a special section. Modern manufacturers pay special attention to the quality of the materials from which they sew towels.

The most important property of such a product is its absorbency. Absorption of moisture affects the quality of the canvas. Synthetic fabrics are rarely able to absorb water as well as natural fibers. Therefore, it is worth stopping your choice on natural materials.

When choosing a towel, it is worth pulling the nap to make sure that the fabric is not frayed and that the threads do not fall out. The towel, which is intended for the body, should not have extraneous odors from dyes. It should also be painted evenly and not shed. Otherwise the paint may remain on the wet body. Do not forget to also check the quality of the seams. After all, when washing in a washing machine, poor-quality stitches on products can simply disperse. For example, towers from the manufacturer “Batuk-Textil” do not expect such a fate, because the production uses only high-quality materials.

Towels are selected based on their purpose. For example, for hands it is not necessary to purchase a terry product - you can do with just cotton canvas. The same or "waffle" towels are suitable for use in the kitchen.

Towels for children, as a rule, have not only bright colors depicting heroes of fairy tales, but also a soft high pile, so that it is more pleasant to the delicate skin of a child.

Baths come in several sizes - from medium to very large, which are designed to cover the whole body. Towels for washing, hands and head cover have an average size, and slightly smaller dimensions - a towel for the feet. However, for the legs it is usually made of denser tissues.

There are also special sports towels and products for the pool. As a rule, they differ in the coloring of sports subjects.

As for coloring, then you need to choose, based on individual needs and taste preferences: light, dark, striped or with a colorful pattern. Modern manufacturers do not skimp on diversity. For particularly demanding customers, some manufacturers even offer customized production in non-standard sizes and with unique designs, embroideries and inscriptions. By the way, such an individual product can serve as a unique and pleasant gift for many holidays, both for close people and colleagues.

Give away products known manufacturers.They value their reputation, and therefore offer only high-quality goods.

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