How to choose the perfect laptop bag?

If without a laptop you do not leave the house, then you just need to protect it from damage. This will help the bag. But that it was reliable and convenient, when buying, it is important to pay attention to several important points.

Main types

There are several types of accessories designed for storing and carrying laptops:

  • Portfolio. This option is more suitable for people who appreciate conciseness. This accessory is intended only for carrying the laptop and its protection from shocks. But if there are several branches in the portfolio, then it will be possible to put documents and some other accessories into it.
  • A bag. It is practical and very convenient. It is possible to put in it not only a laptop, but also a lot of other items, for example, a computer mouse, memory cards, a notebook, documents, stationery, a mobile phone and so on. This accessory is easy to use, as it can be worn on the shoulder.
  • Case - ideal for business and serious people, for example, businessmen.This accessory will protect the laptop not only from any damage, but also from theft, as it has a very rigid frame and can be equipped with a combination lock, which only the owner can open. But the price of the case will be quite high. Another disadvantage is its rather large weight. In addition, you can only carry a laptop and a minimum set of documents in this accessory. Larger items will not fit here.
  • Backpack is suitable for active people. It may look like a regular backpack with several compartments, one of which is designed specifically for a laptop, while in others you can store any items. But there are models designed only for carrying a laptop. They can be called the most convenient, but the least practical. The advantages of this type include the fact that the hands will always remain free.
  • Folder or case. Such an accessory is unlikely to protect a laptop from serious damage. And yet it is not very convenient in operation and is no longer suitable for carrying, but rather for storage. In addition to the laptop folder, you can put only a minimum set of documents. This type can be called one of the most inconvenient and impractical.

Determine the size

The size of the bag must fully correspond to the size of the laptop, otherwise the device will either simply not fit in it, or will move freely inside, which can lead to damage.

Before buying, you need to find out not only the technical dimensions (that is, the screen resolution, measured in inches), but also the real physical, that is, the length, thickness and width of the case. These parameters can be found in the documents attached to the laptop or measured independently, armed with a ruler or measuring tape.


How to choose the right laptop bag? Pay special attention to its body. First, it must have a rigid frame that will protect the case from damage. Secondly, inside there will certainly be a soft gasket that will provide cushioning during impacts and will protect the device when it falls.

What is the bag made from?

Material is also very important. A variety of options are used today. The most popular synthetic, such as polyurethane, neoprene, polyester, nylon and others. Accessories made from them are much cheaper, quite durable, serve a long time. In addition, they just care.

Also bags are made from natural materials, for example, from leather or suede. They cost quite expensive and require special care. On sale there are models made of plastic or aluminum. The first option is inexpensive, but at the same time unstable. Aluminum is more durable, but does not look very attractive and increases the weight of the accessory.

Since the bag may fall under the rain, the material must protect the laptop from moisture. To provide such protection can either a special moisture-resistant impregnation, or an additional rubberized coating inside the case.

Ease of use

The functionality of the bag is also important, because it provides ease of operation. What to pay attention to?

  • Number of compartments. The more of them, the better. But if you plan to carry only a laptop, then one or two compartments will suffice.
  • The location of the compartments. It would be better if all of them will be placed inside the case, and not rendered for it.
  • Sizes of compartments. For example, to store documents you need a compartment that is the same size as the compartment for a laptop. But small accessories should be stored in a small compartment.Memory cards are most conveniently placed in small pockets.
  • Most convenient models with attachments for individual items. So, the laptop can be fixed with a strap, it will prevent its movement. Documents can be fixed with a rubber band. Also, the accessory can have special fasteners in the form of loops for pens and pencils.


Some models have only one handle, so you can only wear them in one hand, which is not always convenient. It is better to choose a bag with an additional handle for the shoulder. It is desirable that it was shot, it is more convenient. All handles should be fairly wide (especially designed for the shoulder) and soft, so as not to squeeze and not rub.

Fasteners and clasps

All fastenings must be made of reliable and durable materials, such as metal. Plastic, of course, is lighter, but less durable, so it can break at any time, causing the bag to fall along with the device. Make sure that all fasteners are securely attached to the casing.

As for the buckles, they must be durable, comfortable and practical. Ideal - lightning.It is desirable to choose a model with a wide zipper made of stainless metal (plastic elements can quickly fail, which will lead to breakage). In addition, it is desirable to have two sliders, this will allow you to quickly open the bag at any time.

Other important stuff

Several other important points:

  • Stitches. Carefully inspect them, because if they are of poor quality, the bag can quickly fail. The stitches should be even, and the threads should not stick out.
  • Colour. It should be unmarked and not too bright, so as not to distract attention and not annoy. The classic and the most common option is considered black, but you can choose any other shade, it all depends on your personal preferences.
  • Design. It can be simple and calm or original and bright. For business people more suited more laconic bag without frills, and a creative person, a teenager or a student can afford a creative accessory.
  • Brand It is better to trust famous brands with a good reputation, but the most popular ones usually inflate the prices of their products. Try to find a middle ground.And you should not buy a bag made in China, especially underground. It is unlikely that it will be of high quality.
  • Price. The cost of bags today varies from 1 to 10 thousand rubles and above. Remember that a quality accessory can not cost too cheap, but you should not overpay.

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