How to choose the right toilet?

Toilet bowl - an important part of the toilet room. And so that it performs all its functions and at the same time complements the design of the room, make the right choice.

How to make a choice?

How to choose a good toilet for an apartment or house? There are many criteria, but each of them should be told separately and in detail.


Today, toilet bowls are made of several materials:

  • Earthenware toilets are considered the most affordable and therefore are popular. But faience has several drawbacks. Firstly, it is not strong enough. Secondly, because of the porous structure, it can absorb pollution, and this greatly complicates the care.
  • Steel toilets in most cases are installed in public toilets. They are strong and very durable, just take care of them. In addition, the shape of such toilets can be very diverse. But their cost is quite high.
  • Porcelain. Such material is quite durable and, if properly handled, will serve faithfully for many years.A porcelain toilet bowl is easier to clean and hygienic than a faience. But the price is quite high.
  • Relatively recently, plastic toilet bowls have been manufactured. Thanks to their special treatment, they are practical, hygienic and easy to clean. The cost is average. But there are also disadvantages. This material has low resistance to thermal effects and is not strong enough.
  • Toilets made of natural stone are very heavy, but they are not always durable. They are very expensive and are often exclusive and single products.
  • Artificial stone is more durable, practical and light than natural. In addition, products made of this material are much cheaper.

Mounting method

If the classification is based on the method of mounting the toilet, we can distinguish several main types:

  1. Floor toilets - the most common option, since such models are installed in most apartments. They are mounted very simple, easy to maintain and operate, stable and versatile. But the only disadvantage is the impressive dimensions of the structure.
  2. Floor-mounted (wall toilets) require installation against the wall.The advantages include small dimensions, concise forms and the ability to hide the tank behind a decorative panel. But to mount such models is not easy.
  3. Suspended toilets save space because they are attached to the wall through a special design. The tank is hidden in the wall. This option is considered optimal for toilet rooms that have a small area. But to mount such a toilet is quite difficult, and the price of these models is usually high.

There are toilets that are installed in the corner of the room, which saves space.


Important criteria:

  • Tank mounting It can be attached to the toilet itself, be part of it (in such models, the cistern and the bowl are connected into a single structure) or mounted on a wall. The first option is more common, popular and convenient, as it reduces noise and does not "steal" space. A separate tank is not easy to mount. In addition, the flush will be quite noisy.
  • Lever flush. It can be made in the form of a handle that needs to be raised up. But such models are practically not produced today. More comfortable buttons.
  • Forms and sizes.It will all depend on your preferences and characteristics of the toilet room.


An important role is played by the bowl, since it depends on it the operational characteristics of the product. Today, several options are available:

  • A pan cup is an outdated and unpopular option. It has a ledge on which the contents are held, which is extremely unhygienic. But this peculiar step protects from splashes, which is very important for many.
  • Funnel bowl. The drain hole is located right in the center of the bowl, so that the contents almost immediately rush into the sewer drain. And this is the most hygienic option. But the disadvantage can be considered a large number of splashes when using.
  • Visor bowl allows you to use the product without splashes and at the same time provides hygiene, since the contents at a special bend of the wall immediately rushes into the drain hole. This option can be called the most optimal.


From hygiene depends on the hygiene of the product and ease of use. Today there are two options for flushing:

  • Vertical (cascading). Water is fed from a single hole located at the rear wall.Such a washout is not the most efficient and hygienic, since the water washes only one part of the toilet bowl, while the rest may remain polluted. In addition, the presence of splashes can be considered as another disadvantage. But the design is more reliable and durable. In addition, vertical flush toilets are inexpensive.
  • Circular (so-called shower) flush. Along the perimeter of the upper part of the bowl there are several holes through which water flows and evenly irrigates the entire surface. This option is more economical in terms of water consumption, as well as more hygienic. But when installing the required perfectly flat surface. The disadvantages include the relatively high cost and probability of breakdowns.

As for the volume of water entering the bowl when flushing, in some models it can be adjusted. Such toilets have two levers: for an economical flush and for an ordinary one.

Discharge plum

This characteristic will depend only on the characteristics of the sewage of the house or apartment. Options:

  • A horizontal outlet would be appropriate if the sewer comes out of the wall.
  • Vertical release is to choose in the event that the sewage goes under the floor (as often happens in private homes).
  • The oblique release is appropriate in the event that the sewer pipe passes directly over the floor.
  • The release of "vario" - a universal option that can be used with any sewage outlet.

Seat and lid

The lid and seat can be made of plastic or wood, and also have a soft coating.

Design solutions

The design of a toilet bowl can be practically any, as well as its color. Everything will depend on your preferences and the interior of the toilet room. In any case, the toilet should fit into the overall design.

Additional functions

Some models have additional functions:

  • Bidet. Such a toilet bowl has a tap for water supply. Very convenient option.
  • Microlift. The lid of such a toilet bowl will close smoothly, and not slam.
  • Built-in drying.
  • Night lights.
  • Automatic lifting of the cover.
  • Automatic flush.
  • Heated seat.
  • Some modern have remote controls.
  • Bowl ventilation.

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