How to clean uggs?


Uggs have long become popular and comfortable shoes in the cold and cold. But it is important to notice some specificity of this shoe. With improper care uggs will not serve for a long time, they will soon lose their beauty and quality. For this reason it is important to know about cleaning rules.

What is uggs

Uggs are called fashionable, cozy and warm boots, which are made from the fur of sheep. In recent years, they have gained wide popularity. Sell ​​them in almost every store, with a variety of shades and styles.

How to clean uggs?

These shoes are perfect for our harsh winter. But it is important to note that winter in the city is not only pure snow and creaky frost, it is also slippery streets. To combat it, the streets are sprinkled with reagents, salt composition and sand. This, of course, eliminates the buildup of ice, but adversely affects the condition of the shoe. Ice dissolves and fills the streets with slush, and all this in combination with salt and reagents destroys even high-quality shoes. And what concerns to expensive and gentle uggas, that lose beauty directly on eyes, the given problem finds even more weight.

Cute suede boots quickly gained popularity among fashionistas.They remain on the top lines of winter trends for a long time.

Uggs from Australia are specific shoes that do not tolerate aggressive influences, require special care and proper cleaning. If you do not comply with these nuances, the ugg boots lose their color, shape, unstuck, grow coarse and become covered with spots. In order for boots to please their appearance for a long time, it is required to follow some rules for their care.

Immediately after purchase, treat ugg boots with a water repellent. You can buy it at a store where you can buy these shoes. In addition, you will need pumice, brush, cleaning and freshener. These tools will clean the pollution, moisture and help keep the boots in perfect condition.

Remember that uggs are invented for the dry winters of Australia, because for the wet weather in our latitudes it is worth buying another type of footwear.

Preparation for cleaning

Before starting any manipulations with uggs, preparation for cleaning is required. It is made as follows:

carefully dry the boots. For this, artificial and natural heaters are not suitable. Drying should be done at room temperature, and paper lumps can be inserted inside to absorb moisture;
after that, carefully, without pressing the brush too hard, dust and dirt are removed from the boots.In this case, scratching is required in the same direction.

How to clean uggs?

For cleaning, you will need:

brush for suede. Most often it is rubber, because it does not harm the surface;
instead of a brush, a soft cloth or an old toothbrush will do.

In the process of cleaning in time, change the water to a clean one! You can not continue cleaning suede, if the water is already contaminated. This will cause new divorces on sheepskin.

Shoe uggs at home

If you are planning to clean the ugg boots yourself, then it is important to immediately remember that this is a risky event that requires accuracy and care. At the same time, the current manufacturers offer many care products. Their only minus in a considerable price. For this reason, consider what you need to follow in order to clean the ugg boots from dirt. You will need:

small capacity;
brush for suede shoes;
baking powder;
agent for leather shoes;

When cleaning the ugg boots with your own hands, you should follow all the recommendations so as not to harm the shoe and not spoil its quality.

The rules are as follows:

Walk to start with a brush on the surface of the shoe to remove dirt. Pay attention that there are no lumps;
slightly soak uggs with water from the front. Pay attention, so that inside the shoes do not get wet, because this will cause loss of form;
in a container (non-metallic) mix the agent for leather goods and water in equal parts;
soak the sponges in a sponge and rub the ugg boots;
remove any residues of dirt and products with another sponge;
put napkins in the shoes and leave them to dry. Napkins will help preserve the shape of uggs.

How to clean uggs?

It is important not to let the boots dry in direct sunlight, this will change the original color, and the material will crack. It takes a day to dry completely, but if you're in a hurry, use a hair dryer at medium temperature.

When the shoes dry, deodorize them if there is an unpleasant smell:

mix 3 tablespoons baking powder and starch;
put the mixture inside the shoe;
after 2 hours, remove leftovers.

Remember that the sheepskin is a natural material, therefore it is important to conduct timely disinfection. Sheepskin easily absorbs various flavors and makes them resistant. To eliminate them you will need to mix 3 tablespoons of corn flour and salt or soda (2 spoons). This mixture is poured inside the boot.Leave them for a while, and then shake out the inside of the shoe. This will help eliminate the unpleasant odor, if present.

If you wish, you can still use fresheners or deodorants.

To ensure preventive measures, impregnation will be required to protect against dirt and dust. With a similar tool, they keep their purity longer, regardless of their frequent wear.

Shoe uggs. other methods

It is worth noting that there are other ways to clean the uggs. Consider them in more detail:

Water filter.

This is the most proven and easy method. Socks and heels often get dirty, so we will pay maximum attention to them. Take a soft sponge and a suede shoe rag. Do not use brushes made of metal and too much pressure on the surface. Sponge the sponge and gently cleanse the skin. Remember that the ugg boots do not tolerate a lot of moisture. After the end of the cleaning put in the boots of the newspaper. They will soak up the water and keep the shape.

How to clean uggs?

Improvised means.

Uggs are still cleaning houses with vinegar. Tell about this method. It is required to make a solution. It consists of 4 tbsp. vinegar 7% and 5 tablespoons. plain water. The components are mixed, and the composition is wiped with boots already prepared for cleaning.

There are many effective ways to remove salt deposits, grease stains and dirt from ugg boots.Follow the recommendations and advice.

Now leave them in, so that the uggs are dry, and then wipe with a rag moistened with cold water. Dry them again with newspapers.

Greasy stains.

In order to eliminate fat stains on suede, you will need starch and filtered gasoline. From these components is made gruel and applied to the spots. Leave to dry. After that, the rest of the mixture is removed with a regular sponge. After the boots are left for ventilation in the open air.

The fur, which is located inside, is also cleaned in a similar way, but with the use of starch and soda in a 2: 1 ratio. The mixture is left inside the boot for half an hour, then shake out the residue.

Remove stains from salt.

As it was said earlier, city streets are often sprinkled with salt in winter to fight icy conditions. This is a true problem for suede. Salt is able to be absorbed into the material and noticeably harm it. It is important to remember the rules of cleaning in this situation:

let the boots dry, but not near heat sources. Uggs should dry at normal temperature. Then moisten the sponge and gently rub the surface of the skin. Then smooth the material with your hands and fill the inside of the shoe with newspapers;
In addition, a solution of ammonia and vinegar 3% helps to get rid of salt stains.Both components are required in equal quantities. Moisten a soft brush in the mixture and rub it in with salt. After that, let the shoes dry out and air out.

How to clean uggs?


Among other things, it is allowed to use chemicals that are sold in the shoe department. It is important to seek advice from a consultant and clarify that the tool is required for ugg, and not other types of shoes. But the rules for the care of these boots are the same as for nubuck shoes.

Natural materials are always whimsical artificial, because it is important to remember about this when choosing a cleaning method for shoes.

If you can not get rid of the pollution itself, then you should think about turning to dry cleaning services. But remember that not all companies provide such services, and no one can guarantee a positive result.

Is it possible to wash uggs

It is clear that manual cleaning will require more time and effort, so there is often a question, is it possible to wash ugg boots in a typewriter? Experts have different opinions on this issue. Some argue that the ugg boots fall apart after machine wash, while others talk about the correct choice of temperature and method of washing.

But here everything depends on the material produced by the ugg. For example, sheepskin shoes after machining will lose the appearance, which can not be restored. If the boots are made of artificial suede or wool, then there is no need to fear the unpleasant consequences of washing. It is possible to erase models from a yarn which are made by knitting. At the same time it is important to remember that the mode “Wool” or “Delicate wash” is set in the machine. Washing should also be sparing, without aggressive components. In this situation, a liquid powder will be a suitable choice. Consider the key rules of washing in a typewriter:

use special covers for washing shoes;
Remember that you can not set the temperature above 40 degrees;
Do not use spin mode, even the most minimal.

How to clean uggs?

After any kind of washing (by hand or in a typewriter), by all means dry the boots. Otherwise, they will get an unpleasant odor that is difficult to eliminate.

If you use all the recommendations given above, you can easily and easily again give your favorite pair of shoes a pristine look. Proper and careful care of soft and comfortable shoes will help her to look attractive for the maximum amount of time.

Uggs care. Advice

As is clear from the above, ugg boots are excellent shoes that can keep a special microclimate inside. In severe frosts in them is dry and warm, the legs do not suffer from the cold and do not sweat, therefore true comfort is ensured.

But such a product is not cheap, for this reason, many prefer cheaper options that do not get worse. What ugg boots you would not buy, it's important to remember the tips for caring for ugg boots. Let's sum up a little:

Since ugg boots do not tolerate excessive moisture, machine washing is undesirable for them. Try to avoid its use.

Do not put on the uggs if it is rainy or sleet. Here everything is simple - these shoes are not equipped with a layer for protection, so when water hits, it simply loses its shape;
if you see dirt on your shoes, do not use hot water to remove it;
if dried spots are present, gently brush them off with a brush or knife. If the dirt does not have time to penetrate deeply, then use a toothbrush;
after cleaning, always treat ugg boots with a solution that repels water.

As you can see, there are no big difficulties in the process of care for boots made of sheepskin.And if you follow the advice you will keep the original appearance and quality of shoes for a long time.

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