How to combine a pencil skirt with other things

Pencil skirt beautifully fits the hips, emphasizes the grace of slender female legs and shows the sexuality of the female figure, despite the seeming modesty of the form. At the very beginning of its appearance, the pencil skirt was below the knee length, but modern fashion has produced some kind of metamorphosis with it, and as a result, very bold options have appeared. One thing remains unchanged - the length of such a skirt cannot be “too mini”, otherwise the very meaning of this conceptual model is lost.
Today's pencil skirt is still in fashion: every year at the autumn-spring shows, couturiers are necessarily represented by several models. This popularity is preserved thanks to the exquisite silhouette, quality of cut and constant versatility. In this skirt you can go to a party, to visit, to the office, for shopping, for business, but you never know where else. Fabric for these models are usually used of the highest quality, reliable and durable, so they usually serve for a long time.
Pencil skirt is combined with a variety of things, with the exception of models of sports style, clothing in the rapper style and in the style of grunge. As for outerwear, this model should be carefully combined with coats, especially girls of small stature. The rest of the freedom of choice is very large: blouses of various styles, T-shirts, sweaters, sweaters and more. The pencil skirt looks original in combination with a brand T-shirt or T-shirt and a knitted cardigan. It looks good set of this skirt and soft cashmere golf (however, not only cashmere). The classic combination with a business jacket and a high-neck top looks quite official, and a blouse with ruffles in this dress will give you a romantic look. Outerwear is also well combined with this model: elegant women's jackets, fur coats, coats, raincoats and parks. In general, the combination of narrow bottom and volumetric top looks stylish and elegant.
As for shoes, stylish shoes, high-heeled boots, ankle boots made of leather and suede, platform shoes are well suited. Recently, it has become a trend to wear elegant ballet flats with this skirt, made of high-quality materials (textile shoes are definitely not suitable here), but for this shoe you need to choose the time and place.
Fashionable silhouette - pencil skirt with a high waist and a belt on the waistline or without it. The belt is considered a fashion accessory for models with a normal waistline, emphasizing the slimness of the silhouette.
The couturiers did not find themselves able to do something like that with the classic model. And now you can see pencil skirts of different lengths, absolutely bold colors and with various decorative ornaments. For example, in the summer you can see a colored model with a tunic, with a zipper on the back and deep cuts on both sides. In contrast with the classic blouses and tops, the whole outfit looks just enchanting.

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